We just got off the river from our annual cast and blast deer hunting and steelhead trip.  During the fishing, hunting and beer drinking we managed to get a fly tying session in.  The Purple Peril was a pattern that killed it that day and is the reason for this post.

Although the deer numbers and steelhead numbers were down this year we managed to bag a couple of bucks and a few steelhead.

I wanted to share what turned out to be a pretty funny video of Greg tying a Purple Peril.  Later that evening Greg proceeded to hook a few steelhead on that fly.

Click here to watch the video on tying a Purple Peril (on the river):

The commentary on the video is just a few guys mid day hanging out.  Between sessions, a few beers and and a good chat can sometimes take up an afternoon.

(note that there is some language not suitable for children (shannon!) but overall it’s pretty mild)

That day we me a cool guy from Arizona who hung out and talked us up.  Matt was just finishing up a month long fishing tour so it was good to catch up on BC.

Also, see if you can recognize the writer of the amazing song that comes on towards the end of the video.

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