Brandon Hoffner of the Henry’s Fork Foundation (HFF) is here to take us to one of the conservation groups leading the way on the Henry’s Fork South Fork of the Snake in this amazing part of the country.

We find out why water use is the number one topic that Brandon is focusing on in his work. We discover which species they are also focusing on and some of these famous rivers in this part of the world. We also get a little glimpse of how they are working around these water rights and some of these big issues around water which is always a very interesting topic.

Henry’s Fork Foundation with Brandon Hoffner. Hit play below!

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Henry's Fork Foundation

Henry’s Fork Foundation Show Notes with Brandon Hoffner

4:18 – We talk about how popular Henry’s Fork is and how the Henry’s Fork Foundation came about.

8:21 – He describes Henry’s Fork.

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10:16 – He mentions the Idaho potatoes, one of the largest irrigated agricultural systems in the world. It’s a massive part of Idaho’s economy.

15:30 – He talks about the South Fork Initiative. One of their biggest works is tributary restoration such as in Rainey Creek. They ensure the best habitat conditions available for Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (YCT).

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18:09 – He discusses the issue of the increasing population of rainbow trout in South Fork. The Idaho Fish and Game has been working on this issue for a long time.

19:56 – They use electro-shocking to remove rainbow trout from the South Fork and stock them in other Eastern Idaho waters.

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22:49 – He caught a 28-inch YCT in Yellowstone Lake.

25:25 – We talk about nymphing and euro nymphing and his perfect day of fishing.


26:28 – He shares how he got into fly fishing and a bit about how his career started. He grew up in Eastern Colorado. He has been in the foundation for 12 years.

29:27 – He talks about his past trips with the HFF Team and breaks down their trip to Argentina last year.

33:29 – Aside from the South Fork Initiative, the foundation also focuses on the Island Park Reservoir. He gives further details on their initiatives for the reservoir. Access their Winter Newsletter 2022 here.

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45:08 – To get water reports, you can email Dr. Rob Van Kirk, their Science and Technology Director.

You can find them on Instagram @HenrysForkFoundation.

Facebook @HenrysFork

Twitter @HenrysFork

YouTube @HFfoundation

Visit their website at

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henry's fork foundation

Conclusion with Brandon Hoffner

Brandon Hoffner is a shining example of the positive impact individuals can have on the environment. His work with the Henry’s Fork Foundation has been instrumental in the conservation of the South Fork of the Snake and the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout species.

To learn more and take part in their initiatives, visit their website at