Jon Hazlett is our guide today as we conquer the world of Rogue River fly fishing. We hear tales of his early guiding misadventures in Alaska and his favorite boat to use in the Rogue.

What is on the menu today? Our main course is spey with a side of steelhead. Don’t miss out on this exciting escapade on the Rogue River with Jon.

Rogue River Fly Fishing with Jon Hazlett. Hit play below!



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Rogue River Fly Fishing

Rogue River Fly Fishing Show Notes with Jon Hazlett


03:35 – Jon got into fly fishing when he was 11.

06:51 – Jon got into guiding in 1998 through his close friend, Chris Lyda, who was guiding in Rainbow King Lodge in Alaska. He also recounts the unexpected events that led him to be fired from that very job.

09:39 – Jon’s friend Chris Lyda helped him secure a job in Elk Creek Lodge in Colorado, where he guided for trout and even dabbled in elk hunting.

It was during this period that Jon met his first wife, who hailed from Southern Oregon, ultimately leading him to discover the Rogue River.

10:15 – During his three seasons of guiding at Elk Creek Lodge, Jon met Brian Gies from Fly Water Travel, and that’s how he got into guiding the Rogue River.


13:40 – Jon talks about the Rogue River and the fishing opportunities there.

20:08 – Jon paints a picture of what a trip to the Rogue would look like.

Rogue River Fly fishing

25:59 – Jon discusses the different techniques they use when fishing the Rogue River. He says he bases all his decisions on the water type, water conditions, and time of day.

29:09 – Jon prefers to use an AIRE 136DD raft when Rogue River Fly fishing.

Rogue river fly fishing

Spey Lessons with Jon


32:43 – Jon talks about his spey lessons and his website. We also hear about some of Jon’s guiding stories. We had John Gierach on the show, and he talked about some good guides.

39:26 – Jon talks about the times he fished with Simon Gawesworth and Charles St. Pierre.

43:00 – Jon breaks down the D-Loop Stroke and the other casting tips and techniques he teaches.

52:30 – Jon recommends the Rogue Valley Anglers Fly Shop as a great resource for people who want to hit the Rogue River.

Coffee Talk with Jon Hazlett


53:50 – Jon’s go-to snack when Rogue Fly Fishing is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, beef jerky, and nuts. He recommends the Old Trapper Beef Jerky. Jon also hunts, so he usually has deer and elk pepperoni sticks.

Jon Hazlett

54:58 – Jon listens to music or the NFL Network. He is also a big Pearl Jam fan.

55:57 – Jon suggests checking out the Common Block Brew Pub for people visiting the Rogue.

56:15 – If Jon were to pursue a professional career in a sport, he would opt to become a football player.

You can find Jon on Instagram @jonbonhazlett

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Rogue River Fly Fishing

Rogue River Fly Fishing Conclusion with Jon Hazlett

Our journey with Jon Hazlett into the world of Rogue River fly fishing highlighted his spey casting expertise. So grab your rods, practice those D-loop strokes, and get ready to unleash your inner spey casting pro on the waters of the Rogue River.