Jani Himanko is here to talk about fishing Finland and give us amazing options and resources on your next trip there. We find out who the other European lodges that run drift boats are. We also get a feel for this lodge and the restaurant that is literally on the river. We get an insight into the European Hall of Fame as well.

Everything Finland today! Let’s find out how to plan that next European vacation.

Fishing Finland with Jani Himanko. Hit play below!

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fishing finland

Fishing Finland Show Notes with Jani Himanko

3:48 – Jani shares his first memory of fly fishing. When he saw the film A River Runs Through It, he was hooked. That’s the main reason he became a fly fisher.

5:26 – He tells the interesting story of how he got to own the Kapeenkoski and how he was hesitant at first to take the opportunity. Currently, they also offer rafting and river boarding besides fishing.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.kapeenkoski.com/english

11:12 – They have a place in the lodge for dining and private parties like weddings. This is located by the water which he calls a “trout land” because it’s a perfect place for trouts to spawn.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.kapeenkoski.com/english/private-pool/

14:51 – We talk about why he chose Willie Boats for their drift boats. Their river has a lot of rocks that’s why they prefer aluminum boats. For the oars, I recommend him the ones from Sawyer.

Photo via: https://www.instagram.com/willieboats/
Photo via: http://www.paddlesandoars.com/ALL-OARS

16:39 – He describes Finland as very similar to Norway and Sweden in terms of language and culture. He also talks a bit more about Norway. He loves going there every year to fish with his friends. We also covered fly fishing in Norway in episodes 286 and 419.

19:40 – The closes city to their lodge is Jyvaskyla. He tells us how to visit their lodge if you’re flying from New York. According to Jani, you won’t be able to find Kapeenkonski on the map. Instead, search for Laukaa or Äänekoivisto.

21:51 – He mentions the species you can find in their river such as brown trout, grayling, and pike-perch or zander. They also have 20-30 lb. northern pikes.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.fishinginfinland.fi/zander

23:28 – We dig into their guided fishing and the fishing seasons at Kapeenkoski. They are already sold out for June this year, but they have availability for July to August.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.kapeenkoski.com/english/fishing/

27:25 – We dig into his fishing techniques. Streamer fishing is his favorite fly fishing method. He also shares a bit about his clients’ experiences.


31:45 – The best season for dry flies is late July to August. The Goddard caddis in size 10, 12, or 14 is the best pattern to have in your box. He also recommends the Swedish super pupa.

33:56 – Aside from the fishing laws in Finland, he also makes the local fishing rules. Clients can euro nymph in their waters, but there are some restrictions which he explains further.

37:37 – We go back to dry fly fishing.

39:04 – He gives tips and information on creating your itinerary for Finland. We also talk a bit about European beers and drinks. He drinks Lonkero which he says is the Finnish national drink of fly fishermen.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.winemag.com/2022/07/07/finland-long-drink/

43:34 – He tells a funny story about that time when he and his wife visited Munich, Germany.

45:10 – I ask him what food they usually serve their clients in Kapeenkoski. We also talk about the seasons and culture in Finland. The best time to visit is summer.

49:15 – He tells his favorite Guns N’ Roses song and album.

50:20 – He shares his perspective on how Finland is different from Germany. We also dig into their country’s history involving Russia and other European countries. He already has been to the Kola Peninsula in Russia many times to fish.

55:50 – When Jani was 19, he did military training for 11 months and served as a chef there.

59:16 – We talk about hunting in Finland. The species they usually hunt are ducks and moose.

1:00:41 – We dig into how they do streamer fishing. His friend, Mika Vainio, whom he says is one of the best streamer fishermen in Finland created the Musta Kostaja or “The Black Avenger”.

fishing finland
Photo via: https://www.superflies.com/products/musta-kostaja

1:04:08 – They have this Finnish fly called Surffilauta or the “surfboard tube fly“. It’s a dry fly, but it’s a streamer.

1:07:09 – I ask him about his recognition as the driving force behind fishing tourism in Central Finland. His name can be found in the Finnish Fishing Hall of Fame in Kotka’s Maretarium.

1:07:48 – He also writes articles for some fishing magazines such as Metsastys ja Kalastus which he says is the biggest fishing magazine in Scandinavia.

1:08:46 – I ask him about Scandinavia and fishing in Estonia. He also mentions some rivers in Finland that are great for fishing and the species you can find in each of them.

1:12:11 – We talk a bit about hockey in Finland. Jyp Jyvaskyla is his hometown’s team.

Photo via: https://www.jypliiga.fi

1:13:40 – He shares his experience in raising his two daughters.

1:16:20 – He used to be a salesman at Rapala, a lure company. For rods and other fishing gear in Finland, he recommends Vision Fly Fishing.

Photo via: https://visionflyfishing.com/product/meri/

You can find Jani on Instagram @BrownTroutLand.

Facebook @Kapeenkoski Travel Oy

Visit their website at Kapeenkoski.com.

fishing finland

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

fishing finland

Fishing Finland Conclusion with Jani Himanko

Jani Himanko is not only a skilled fly fisher but also an excellent ambassador for Finland’s fishing tourism. His insights and tips on fishing in Finland are invaluable for anyone planning a trip to this beautiful country. The Kapeenkoski is also a must-visit for those looking for a unique and memorable fishing experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable time with Jani and his team. So start planning your trip to Finland today and get ready to catch some of the most exciting fish in the world!