I had the pleasure of sitting down with Riverhorse Nakadate to talk about largemouth bass, redfish and southern Texas Fly Fishing.

Riverhorse goes deep to share his story and how he’s made a life as a writer, surfer, musician and fly fisherman.  Get ready for a little bass yoga, comedy and stories about Willie, Stevie Ray and Love.


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Southern Texas Fly Fishing Show Notes:

08:23 – Oliver White was on the podcast in episode 69 where we covered bonefish, the bahamas and how he went all in after the hedge fund position.

10:00 – Here is the link to the movie – Love & Water as supported by the Flyfish Journal and Patagonia.  You can see the area that Riverhorse call home in southern Texas.

16:26 – A Southern Wish is one piece about his mother passing away and really resonated with a lot of people in the community.

27:00 – 23andme.com is a good site that will show you your genetics.

35:00 – Riverhorse shares some great connections with Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaugn.

43:00 – The dixie wiggler fly is a good one.

50:00 – Riverhorse talks about how We Write to know that we’re not alone.

57:16 – Shiner beer is the goto beverage after fishing.

58:00 – The John Gierach episode was a milestone event for me.

1:00:00 – The favorite books and resources from Riverhorse.

1:04:30 – Here is the Brian O’keefe podcast episode who Riverhorse noted as one of his favorite people.



You can find Riverhorse here.

texas fly fishing
photo via: https://www.theflyfishjournal.com/exclusive/riverhorse/

Videos Noted in the Show

Love & Water: Riding Shotgun with Riverhorse from Funny Feelings on Vimeo.


Watch this Twisted Sister Video for an amazing blast to the past


Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain with Willie Nelson


Southern Texas Fly Fishing Conclusion

We covered Willie Nelson to Stevie Ray Vauhn, over to Texas and Patagonia then back again.  Riverhorse is all about love and laughter.  I will listen to this one again and again because of the passion.




  1. I really enjoyed the podcast with Riverhorse. I went to the Fly Fish Journal right after the podcast and subscribed for a year… I don’t know how to live with that much soul.

    • Thanks Earl. So cool to hear you are going to check out the journal and supporting it. Yeah, Riverhorse is pretty unique. It was a lot of fun for me as well.