Henry Hughes, Professor and fly fishing writer shares the best books on Fly Fishing.  Henry made his way out west from New York and has since become the deputy editor of the fly fishing and tying journal.

Henry describes his connection with his students as a college professor and how he produces his content through writing.  He notes Tom McGuane and other great writers and the influences they’ve had on his career and life.


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Show Notes – Books on Fly Fishing

02:10 – I presented to the Art Flick Trout Unlimited Chapter.  

02:20 – The John Gierach episode #47 was one of the best of all time and a huge episode for me at the time and to this day.

04:30 – Nick Lyons was on the podcast in episode 202 and talked about his life’s work with Lyons Press and the many great books he published.

05:30 – Fire and the Straw by Nick Lyons

Fire in the straw


07:00 – Back Seat with Fish will be out with Skyhorse Publishing and is Henry’s book on traveling and fishing.

10:20 – Rosenbauer, and other greats

13:50 – Grays Sporting Journal has a section on Poetry that Henry has contributed to.


15:30 – The Art of Angling:  Poems about Fishing

books on fly fishing


17:00 – Anglers Journal with Gary Reich was on the podcast in episode 200 and celebrated Lefty Kreh.

26:50 – The fillet queen article with anglers journal by Henry Hughes. 

44:50 – I note the FlyFisherman online magazine and the ads that are hard to take in.  It appears that they are doing a better job with it now, take a look at the link above.

1:02:30 – Tail Magazine has an online mag


You can find Henry HughesPoetry.com

books on fly fishing


11 Great Writers and Books on Fly Fishing 

  1. Ted Leeson
  2. Tom McGuane
  3. John Gierach
  4. Tom Rosenbauer
  5. Norman Maclain:  A River Runs Through It
  6. Margot Page – Little Rivers: Tales of a Woman Angler
  7. Holly Morris – A Different Angle: Fly Fishing Stories by Women
  8. Stephen Sautner – Fish On, Fish Off
  9. Henry Hughes – The Art of Angling: Poems about Fishing
  10. Charles Rangeley-Wilson
  11. Hemmingway:  Big Two Hearted River


Resources Noted in the Show

Henry Hughes Book

books on fly fishing


Videos Noted in the Show

Grateful Dead – China Cat Sunflower


Read the Full Transcript for this Podcast Below:

henry hughes

Conclusion – Books on Fly Fishing with Henry Hughes

Henry Hughes is on the podcast to talk about his favorite books on fly fishing and how he balances a life in teaching and writing.  We also hear some of the great editors that Henry respects.