We get into some great tips as I pick the brain of Dan Johnston, a 30 year casting instructor with St. Croix Rods.  Time to nerd out a bit on rods and casting.

Dan shares the most important part of the fly cast and why 10-2 isn’t the the best analogy to use and some tips to avoid the dreaded tailing loop.  We also here about fiberglass rods and where there place is in fly fishing.


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Show Notes with Dan Johnston

05:00 – The Tom Larimer episode where we focused on summer steelhead.

10:49 – The Albany Fly Tying Expo.  Here’s a link to the interview I put together with Hal Gordon.

15:30 – You can get a rod blank through Rod Geeks because St Croix is focused on finished products 100%.

16:20 – Here is a link to the old Imperial Rods which are a 50 year old rod series.

18:05 – Here’s a St Croix video from Dan.

24:40 – Joe Humphries was on the podcast here and we talked about breaking your wrist while fly casting.

37:16 – Here’s a clip on a video that covers how to avoid the tailing loop?

39:30 – Tom Rosenbaurer was on the podcast where we talked about the history of Orvis among other topics.

45:36 – I note MoonShine Rods who is part of our Members Society group.  We dig into fly rods and some tips on finding a good rod.

49:55 – Dan notes Jen Ripple here who was on the podcast in episode 60.

51:20 – Here’s a basic fly casting video from Scientific Anglers.

54:50 – Wiley X glasses and Costa were both noted in the show.


1:01:00 – Leinie beer is Dan’s goto at the end of the day.

1:04:00 – The Kelly Galloup was on in episode 52 and made a connection to bass fishing.


You can reach Dan at StCroixRods.com.


Resources Notes in the Show

Wiley X Polarized Glasses

wiley x glasses



Videos Noted in the Show

Dan and the Imperial

An old school casting video

Conclusion with dan Johnston

Dan breaks out some great tips on fly casting along with some great analogies.  Where to stop the rod and common problems and fixes he teaches plus some of the fly rod history and St Croix’s influence in both fly and conventional fishing.