I sat down with the founders of Yakoda Supply, Jason Faerman and Justin Fuller share the story and challenges of trying to create a full-time business in the fly fishing space.  

We hear about how they found their niche and created basic products like the fly tin, the utility wallet, guide laces, and more.  You know I love hearing the stories, successes, and failures from brands in the fly fishing space so we get a feel for what it takes to go all-in on your passion.

Click below and listen to the Yakoda Supply Podcast with Justin Fuller and Jason Faerman:

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(You can get the full PDF transcript here:

Yakoda Supply Podcast Transcript-transcript 

or read it at the bottom of this blog post)


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Show Notes with Yakoda Supply

07:30 – Rocky Mountain Anglers and Randy Hicks was the guy that brought Jason and Justin together on a trip to Wyoming.

12:05 – The Yakoda Gear transport aka the drifter.  This bag is to use for anything you need to put in it and can hold 20 gallon jugs of water if needed.

17:25 – The utility pouch is a lot like my insulated water bottle holder.

20:35 – We talk about the guide laces and why such a simple product is such a great product for Yakoda.

yakoda guide laces


26:15 – The Thermarest chair kit is a great product that has lasted for years.


29:05 – We noted the Caddis Fly Shop which has been doing a great job promoting Yakoda online.

40:00 – We noted the Montana Fly Company (MFC) who has been a big player in helping to get the Yakoda fly patterns online.

47:30 – The Quarterly fly tin is delivered every 3rd month.

quarterly fly tin


51:30 – The purple reign is a  variation of the Lance Egan’s rainbow warrior.  Lance was on here.




You can find Jason and Justin at YakodaSupply.com

yakoda supply


Resources Noted in the Show

The Fly Tin

yakoda supply


thermarest chair kit




Videos Noted in the Show

Purple Rain by Prince


and here’s the actual Purple Reign Fly Pattern

Full Podcast Transcript for this Episode


jason at Yakoda
Jason Faerman with Yakoda


justin yakoda
justin Fuller with Yakoda

Conclusion with Yakoda Supply

We get the background on a new fly fishing business with the story behind Yakoda Supply.  Jason and Justin are a self-proclaimed simple fly fishing product company with a focus on simplicity.