If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become an expert in fly fishing, you’re in for a treat. Brace yourselves as we’re joined by Tyler Dunsmore, a well-seasoned guide and casting instructor. Tyler has clocked in countless hours on the water, from guiding trips for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River to exploring the interior of BC for trout and Atlantic salmon. His experiences, adventures, and triumphs in the industry are a testament to his love for the sport. Tyler also takes us back to the time he decided to put down roots by the Grand River with his wife and start a family.

Show Notes with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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The Grand River is not just a place Tyler calls home; it’s a remarkable treasure trove of fisheries. Starting from its headwaters at Luther Marsh, flowing through Bellwood Lake, and down to the Elora-Fergus area and Paris-Branford area, the river boasts an immersive fishery with smallmouth bass and cold water thermal refuges for rainbow trout and brown trout. It’s a rich ecosystem that challenges and rewards anglers in equal measure. Tyler unearths the unique features of this river, the dams, two major tributaries, and how the swing fly technique plays a crucial role when it comes to steelhead fishing.

grand river fly fishing

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. We also delve into the nitty-gritty of fishing strategies, from selecting the perfect wet fly patterns to understanding the moody aggression of steelhead fish. Tyler generously imparts invaluable wisdom gained from hours spent on the water and acquaints us with Larry Halleck and Larry Mellers, the visionaries responsible for the revitalization of the Middle Grand River. So, if you’re passionate about fishing or just eager to learn, join us as we explore the depths of Tyler’s experiences in this enlightening episode.

Episode Chapters with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing

(0:00:05) – Steelhead Fishing Guide’s Adventure Story
Tyler Dunsmore’s journey in the fly fishing industry, from Vancouver Island to Patagonia, is discussed, along with his and his wife’s decision to settle down on the Grand River.

grand river fly fishing

(0:08:21) – Unique Fishery of the Grand River
The Grand River flows from Luther Marsh to Bellwood Lake, with tributaries Nith River and Whitemans Creek, and features unique fisheries in Paris.

(0:17:21) – Swinging Flies for Steelhead in Ontario
Tyler shares his steelhead fishing setup, educates anglers on best flies for different seasons, and explains the importance of the swing fly technique.

grand river fly fishing

(0:27:04) – Wet Fly Patterns and Strategies Discussion
Tyler Dunsmore discusses fly selection, black and blue fly pattern, flash and translucent materials, sculpting patterns, and steelhead fish aggression.

grand river fly fishing

(0:32:29) – Steelhead Fishing on the Grand River
Tyler shares tips for successful steelhead fishing, including rod/line selection, casting lessons, and adapting to changing conditions.


grand river fly fishing

(0:45:45) – Fishing Techniques and River Conditions
Tyler shares his fishing approach, emphasizing confidence in flies and discussing Grand River clarity and its effect.

(0:58:45) – Revitalizing the Grand River
Larry Halleck and Larry Mellers reformed the Middle Grand River chapter, Hina Kovacs is president, Larry Mellers is co-VP, projects to improve the river, smolting process of fish, and exploring the Grand River.

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grand river fly fishing

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Conclusion with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing

In conclusion, Tyler Dunsmore’s expertise in fly fishing, as shared in this discussion, demonstrates the dedication needed to excel in the sport. His experiences, especially with the Grand River’s diverse fisheries and fishing strategies, offer valuable insights for both passionate anglers and those eager to learn. This conversation highlights the collaborative nature of the fly fishing community and the knowledge-sharing that drives it. Tyler’s journey is a testament to the passion and commitment required to thrive in this captivating pursuit.