In this podcast, learn about Grand River Fly Fishing with Tyler Dunsmore!

Show Notes with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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grand river fly fishing

Episode Chapters with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing

(0:00:05) – Steelhead Fishing Guide’s Adventure Story
Tyler Dunsmore’s journey in the fly fishing industry, from Vancouver Island to Patagonia, is discussed, along with his and his wife’s decision to settle down on the Grand River.

grand river fly fishing

(0:08:21) – Unique Fishery of the Grand River
The Grand River flows from Luther Marsh to Bellwood Lake, with tributaries Nith River and Whitemans Creek, and features unique fisheries in Paris.

(0:17:21) – Swinging Flies for Steelhead in Ontario
Tyler shares his steelhead fishing setup, educates anglers on best flies for different seasons, and explains the importance of the swing fly technique.

grand river fly fishing

(0:27:04) – Wet Fly Patterns and Strategies Discussion
Tyler Dunsmore discusses fly selection, black and blue fly pattern, flash and translucent materials, sculpting patterns, and steelhead fish aggression.

grand river fly fishing

(0:32:29) – Steelhead Fishing on the Grand River
Tyler shares tips for successful steelhead fishing, including rod/line selection, casting lessons, and adapting to changing conditions.

grand river fly fishing

(0:45:45) – Fishing Techniques and River Conditions
Tyler shares his fishing approach, emphasizing confidence in flies and discussing Grand River clarity and its effect.

(0:58:45) – Revitalizing the Grand River
Larry Halleck and Larry Mellers reformed the Middle Grand River chapter, Hina Kovacs is president, Larry Mellers is co-VP, projects to improve the river, smolting process of fish, and exploring the Grand River.

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grand river fly fishing

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Conclusion with Tyler Dunsmore on Grand River Fly Fishing

In this podcast, learn about Grand River Fly Fishing with Tyler Dunsmore!