Poppy, owner of Red Shed Fly Shop, is here to talk about the wonders of the mighty Clearwater River in Idaho. After an unfortunate accident, Poppy and his wife transformed a small hay barn into a fly fishing shop in 2002, which has been thriving ever since. Poppy also dives into his early steelhead fishing experiences on the iconic American River, detailing the allure and adrenaline that has kept his passion alive.

Show Notes with Poppy Cummins on Red Shed Fly Shop. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Feeling the wind in your hair and the crisp scent of the Clearwater River, we tag along for an exciting fishing trip with Poppy. He imparts his wisdom on the perfect fly to use, the size of the fish you can expect, and the various camping opportunities available in the area. We also get an exclusive peek into the Red Shed Spay Clave event, a community gathering that offers demonstrations, tackle reps, and a shared love for all things fishing. Poppy’s insider tips on spey fishing and his advice on visiting the river will prove invaluable to both novices and seasoned anglers alike.

red shed fly shop

Lastly, we navigate the highs and lows of Poppy’s experience running the Red Shed Fly Shop for the past two decades. Poppy provides a candid insight into the challenges and rewards of owning a fly shop and his aspirations for the future. Along the way, we explore various fishing hotspots on the Clearwater River, touted as the best steelhead river in the lower 40, and the Deschutes River. Poppy’s tales of international visitors, professional guides, and insider tips on the best flies to use will leave you eager to plan your next fishing adventure.

Episode Chapters with Poppy Cummins on Red Shed Fly Shop

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing and Running a Shop
Poppy opened the Red Shed Fly Shop in 2002, sharing his experience with fly fishing and steelhead fishing, including his first steelhead fishing experience on the American River.

red shed fly shop

(0:13:15) – Fly Fishing on the Clearwater River
Poppy discusses fly types, fish size, camping/fishing opportunities, and the Red Shed Spay Clave event.

(0:21:00) – Experiences and Tips for Spey Fishing
Poppy shares tips on fly selection, fish size, camping, and fishing regulations, spay rod making, rod selection, the best time to visit, and wading techniques.

(0:30:16) – Fishing the Clearwater River
Poppy shares tips on fishing the Clearwater and Deschutes Rivers, demo casters for Spay Life, and his son-in-law Dale’s help in the shop.

red shed fly shop

(0:38:36) – Steelhead Fishing on the Clearwater River
Poppy shares tips for fly fishing the Clearwater River, other nearby rivers, and his experience of fishing the Clearwater.


(0:45:24) – Fishing, Running a Shop, Chatting
Poppy discusses fly shop ownership, money management, camping/fishing regulations, and fly selection for the Clearwater River.

red shed fly shop
Photo by IdahoWildlife.org

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red shed fly shop
Photo by IdahoWildlife.org

Conclusion with Poppy Cummins on Red Shed Fly Shop

In conclusion, Poppy, the owner of Red Shed Fly Shop, has shared his remarkable journey from a hay barn transformation in 2002 to a thriving fly fishing haven. His insights into the Clearwater River’s wonders, fishing tips, and community events like the Red Shed Spay Clave are invaluable for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Poppy’s candid reflection on the challenges and rewards of running the shop over two decades paints a vivid picture of his passion. His tales of fishing hotspots, international visitors, and professional guides inspire us to explore these waters. In essence, Poppy’s story highlights the enduring appeal of fishing and the impact of a dedicated individual in creating a welcoming fishing community. His legacy will continue to enrich the world of fly fishing for years to come.