Joe Cermele shares his story of creating a life around fishing media. We find out how he started in this field, became the youngest Editor of Field & Stream Magazine, and produced content there for over a decade. We also chat about his time with the Meat Eaters when he hosted the Bent Podcast for a couple of years and the behind-the-scenes stories of recording Das Boat.

You know Joe is a content-creating machine and the good news is that he now has his very own podcast that he runs himself. We dig into a little bit of that today. Plus, Joe also shares some advice for people that are starting out in the media industry. This is a good one and is now my new favorite episode! Check it out!

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joe cermele

Show Notes with Joe Cermele

06:30 – After college, Joe worked full-time for Saltwater Sportsman Magazine. Then he worked for Field and Stream for over a decade – he was the youngest fishing Editor in that magazine’s history.

7:30 – Joe came up with the Hook Shots video series he shot, hosted, and edited for 11 years. That was also the first podcast that he recorded and edited.

08:30 – Joe tells the story of how they produced content for Meat Eater’s Bent Podcast – the challenges pre, mid, and post-production.

joe cermele

17:15 – Joe has a new podcast called, Cut & Retie

22:20 – I noted the blog post by Kevin Kelly, A Thousand True Fans

27:45 – Outdoor Life was a sister publication of Field & Stream – Joe was also the fishing Editor of Outdoor Life for 2 years.

28:45 – Joe now writes for Field & Stream and Outdoor Life again – he writes about 10 articles per month per brand. Though it makes him sad that these magazine has become digital only nowadays.


32:55 – Ready Player One is a great book that Joe recommends

36:20 – Joe produced 2 seasons of a show called, B-Side Fishing for Meat Eaters

b-side fishing

37:00 – We talk about how the books, The Total Fishing Manual and The Total Fly Fishing Manual came to be.

the total fishing manual  the total fly fishing manual

46:20 – Tim Landwehr was on the podcast in episode 273. Joe did an episode with Tim at the Menominee River for Meat Eater’s Das Boat.

51:50 – Joe tells talks about how he started with a local magazine called, New Jersey Angler as an intern.

59:00 – Stripers are Joe’s go-to fish since it’s his hometown favorite.

joe cermele

1:02:25 – We had Henry Winkler on the podcast in episode 334

1:10:00 – Joe recently listened to the Woodside Podcast and he recommends this one

You can find Joe on Instagram @joe.cermele138

cut and retie podcast

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