I had pleasure of talking with Duran Torrez about his first year guiding and how his mindset and setting expectations is critical for a successful trip.

Duran shares a ton of insight about his passion and tips for getting into fish.  We are back to the klickitat on this one to talk a little summer steelhead


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Show Notes with Duran Torrez

13:57 – Scott McGarva podcast where he breaks down the expectations for your clients.

18:50 – Commando heads on single spey rods are the goto lines for Duran

20:00 – The Hanford Reach was an area that duran learned to spey cast on and is one of the most polluted and radioactive sites in the US.

23:20 – Pete Humphries was on episode 7 of the fly fishing show where he covered spey casting tips.

24:25 – Redington was the first rod that he used getting started with spey casting.

25:00 – Duran thinks the commando heads are great for beginners

32:00 – We talk about the gardening section on the School of Chrome and why that is part of his site.

35:00 – Midnight Sun Custom Flies is noted as a good resource for steelhead flies

35:40 – Fly Fishing Tapes podcast is a new show that I’ve been loving lately and looking forward to having them on our podcast.

35:47 – Pig Farm Inc is an interesting take on teaching fly tying, tattooing and keeping fly fishing fun.


You can with Duran Torrez at SchoolofChrome.com if you have any questions or want to connect with him.


duran torrez


“You have to love the process.  You have to absolutely be in love with the process of doing what you are doing.  Because if it’s only about the end goal, you are going to be disappointed every time.”

-Duran Torrez


klickitat river


Conclusion with Duran Torrez

I wanted to give a big thank you to Duran for coming on the show and sharing his unique perspective on teaching, guiding and what it’s like to go all in on your passion.

If you want to learn how to fish for steelhead, make a garden and connect with the outdoors, Duran is your guy.  Click on the link below to get the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide:  wetflyswing.com/chrome

And if you’re interested in the right spey rod for steelhead, Click here to see the Spey Rod that has helped me drastically improve my spey cast and find more steelhead at a super reasonable cost (You also get a free spey line if you pickup the Spey Rod here).  By the way, the link above is an affiliate link, which means I earn a commission if you do end up purchasing through that link.  It’s at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this product, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Grab the Steelhead Tips PDF Quick Guide Here

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