In this episode, we chat with Sam Carter of The River Radius Podcast to talk about how he started his podcast and how he got an interview with none other than Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia.

The River Radius Podcast with Sam Carter. Hit play below!

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The River Radius Podcast Show Notes with Sam Carter

1:23 – Sam takes us back to how he got into the outdoor space.

4:33 – His idea of starting a podcast started with a radio show. He grew up loving the radio and always listening to baseball news, and then in college, he became a volunteer DJ. He also volunteered in a radio talk show about rivers called River Radio on KJSD.

10:53 – I ask him how he chooses his topics.

33:00 – Just this year he did an episode with Leave No Trace. We also had them in the podcast in episode 363.

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35:22 – We talk about the different ways of packing your poop like using a WAG (Waste Alleviation and Gelling) bag or the groover and disposing of them. Sam also tells us how he cleans his groover. He tackles more about this in his episode called History of the Groover.

River Bank II Full Toilet System (Photo via:

41:20 – We dig into river etiquette. As someone who has been a ranger before, he gives recommendations on what to do when you encounter unruly people in the river to avoid conflict.

46:08 – He describes his tech and studio setup for his podcast. He also mentions the equipment he brings with him when covering a story outside.

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53:00 – For the anglers, he recommends several episodes to listen to in his podcast where he talks about specific fish species.

56:50 – He highlights some of his favorite episodes which are as follows:

1:01:49 – He tells this amazing story of how he was able to get an interview with Yvon Chouinard.

1:07:00 – We do the two-minute drill. His absolute go-to music is reggae, particularly Alpha Blondy. He mostly rows and his favorite boat is the Hyside 10.5 Mini-Max.

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The River Radius Podcast Conclusion with Sam Carter

Sam’s story of how he discovered his love for podcasting and his dedication to the cause of river conservation is truly inspiring.