I sat down with Jim Macallister, the director of sales for one of the largest rafting companies in the world.  We focus on the gear you need for your next big river trip or camping trip.

We also get the pleasure of hearing one of the greatest founders stories in the outdoor industry as Jim shares the Bill Parks story!   We also find out why it all starts with the Otter raft but quickly moves to the NRS fishing frame and we can’t leave out the NRS strap, my favorite strap for everything of all time.


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nrs otter

Show Notes with Jim Macallister

12:30 – the NRS fishing frame is a huge product that made things easier for many fishermen over the years.

13:45 – the Chinook pfd has been huge for the kayak space, but they make high-quality life jackets for all.

15:30 – the NRS strap and the pilot knife

nrs strap


16:05 – The NRS sun shirts and other sun protection.

28:00 – The Bill’s bag is another bag I’ve been using for most of my river life and don’t leave without it.


39:45 – We talked about the inflatable drift boat and what happened to it.  This is the freestone drifter.

freestone drifter


44:00 – I noted the drift boat season and the companies we’ve had on the podcast.

55:00Aire and DRE are two of NRS’s competitors but amazing companies and staff who Jim loves to compete with.  DRE also has a killer fishing frame as well.

59:00 – ICast and IFTD are two big shows that NRS attends and will hopefully be back for 2021.

1:01:30 – I noted Canyon Coolers and the episode I put together with the founder in episode 211 here.

canyon coolers

1:02:20 – Derek from Sawyer Oars and Paddles was on the podcast in episode 185.  Derek shared his best tips on choosing drift boat oars with a focus on Sawyer Paddles and Oars.

1:08:00 – resource page

1:09:26 – Rig to Flip, Rig to Flip, Rig to Flip

1:13:40-  Pete was on the show hear



You can find Jim at NRS.com

outdoor gear


Top 20 Outdoor Gear items for a River Trip

  1. Otter raft
  2. the NRS fishing frame
  3. Chinook PFD
  4. NRS Strap
  5. Pilot Knifeoutdoor gear
  6.  sun shirt
  7. Bill’s Bag
  8. Cooler – yeti
  9. Sawyer Oars
  10. throw bag
  11. Whistle
  12. Boulder Dry Box
  13. Raft Cargo Net
  14. Rig to Flip

(See fishing under options bar at NRS)

outdoor gear


I eat three meals now, and have no need for four.”

-Bill Parks (NRS Founder)


Outdoor Gear Resources Noted in the Show

Bill’s Bag


How to use a throw bag


Videos Noted in the Show

The NRS Raft Frame





jim macallister
photo via: https://bigforkanglers.com/boozeman/

NRS Outdoor Gear Conclusion with Jim Macallister

Jim Macallister is here to break down the amazing gear that NRS has been producing for years now.  We also hear the story of how Bill Parks, the founder, gave the company away to his employees after he retired.