Shaun Hargrave shares the Boulder Boat Works story and how he came to own one of the unique polymer hulled drift boat designs on the water.  We talk a little about drift boat fly fishing but get more into some of the nerdy specs on boat design and history.

Shaun describes how their boat design does not chip and there is very little maintenance overall and has a ton of great features.  We also find out why they developed a river skiff and why it’s so killer for trout fishing. 


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Boulder Boat Works Show Notes with Shaun Hargrave

13:40 – We Talked about use Line X on the wood to protect if for the longterm.  Shaun describes how their boat is bulletproof.

15:30 – Here’s a photo of the NRS frame inside of the boat, aka guide series.

boulder boat works
photo via:


19:40 – We talked about NRS fishing frames and the great company and service that NRS provides.  This is the same company that produces the Boulder frame.

nrs fishing frames

20:40 – Roger Fletcher was on the podcast and broke down the history of drift boats and dories.

29:15 – We talked about Prince Helfrich and the early drift boats.  There is a 100 year old history of drift boats and a cool transition over the years.

35:00 – The DC 10 is the decked over boat that was used for the Grand Canyon trips.  Here’s a pic of the Boulder Boat in the whitewater.

39:40 – I noted the Robert Hirch podcast and flipping the company.  Robert talks about how he did it in this clip.

42:15 – Tom Morgan Rodsmiths was on the podcast and talked about building a great top of the line fly fishing rod.






You can find Shaun at Boulder Boat Works here:boulder boat works


7 Advantages of a boater boat works river skiff

  1. Polymer allows you to hit rocks and slide off with no noise.
  2. Very easy repairing if needed in a few seconds minutes
  3. the skiff mitigates wind
  4. lower side for landing fish
  5. maneuverable in the water due to the rocker
  6. full walk-around design
  7. Customizable rod trays, and seating



boulder boat works



Boulder Boat Works Videos 


boulder boat works

Boulder Boat Works Conclusion with Shaun Hargrave

We hear about how Boulder Boat Works came to be and how Shaun Hargrave came to be the co-owner of one of the unique drift boats on the market.  They use a polymer mix with wood highlights to make a beautiful and indestructible drift boat.