Phil Rowley is back on the podcast to talk about fishing lakes and his new book, The Orvis Guide to Stillwater Trout Fishing. Phil shares some tips and techniques about leaders, indicators, lines, flies, etc.

Phil takes a deep dive into what gear you need, which lakes to focus on and a killer hosted trip to Argentina that you can get involved with. Click the play button below and listen to 30 seconds of stillwater goodness.


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fishing lakes

Fishing Lakes Show Notes with Phil Rowley

02:15 – Brian Chan was on the podcast at WFS 243

05:00 – Phil and I first chatted on the podcast at WFS 034

08:07 – The Orvis Guide to Stillwater Trout Fishing

fishing lakes

08:15 – Phil Monahan and Perk Perkins from Orvis were also on the podcast at WFS 225 and WFS 259 

12:24 – Still Water Fly Fishing Store is where you can get a signed copy of Phil’s book

13:16 – Chapter 1 of Phil’s book talks about equipment needs

15:48 – Phil plans to go on another trip to Argentina and fish the Jurassic Lake in 2022

fishing lakes

16:30 – We did an episode about Jurassic Lake with Charly at WFS 208

20:12 – 3 lines for Stillwater fishing that Phil recommends – floating, clear intermediate, and fast (tight 3 or 5 inches per second) line

29:29 – Chironomid Pupa Fly

fishing lakes

41:57 – We talked about the Booby with Brian Chan

fishing lakes

43:18 – Phil tells us which boat according to budget

fishing lakes
Pontoon Boat
fishing lakes
Float Tube Boat

45:35 – Phil’s got a 14 foot Marlon boat and a 17 foot G3

fishing lakes
fishing lakes

47:10 – Chapter 4 of Phil’s book talks about Leaders, Knots, and Droppers

49:16 – Chapter 5 talks about How Lakes Work

55:32 – If you like matching the hatch, stillwaters are hatch matcher’s delight (Chironomid, leeches, dragonflies, damselflies, caddisflies, etc.)

56:31 – Rick Hafele was on the podcast at WFS 037 – he’s Phil’s good friend

57:36 – Rick and Phil fished the Missouri River in Montana

fishing lakes

58:25 – What we need to know about Retrieves

1:00:32 – Rachel Finn was on the podcast at WFS 072 where we talked about the Hang

1:05:03 – The Blob

The Blob

1:05:13 – The FAB (foam arsed blob) is one of Phil’s favorite fly


1:06:45 – The Apps Worm

apps worm fly

1:09:01 – Check out Phil’s YouTube Channel


You can find Phil Rowley here:

Philip Rowley’s YouTube

fishing lakes


Phil Rowley’s Lake Fishing Tips

  1. The most critical part of an indicator set up in regards to leaders – make sure that your indicator and your fly is leveled
  2. You never want to get an indicator 10 feet away from the end of your fly line – it unbalances the whole system
  3. You always want to keep your swivel and flies close to each other – 2 feet is standard


Resources Noted in the Show

Click here to check out Phil Rowley’s other books


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Read the Podcast Transcript Below


fishing lakes

Fishing Lakes Conclusion with Phil Rowley

Phil Rowley is back this time to share his new Orvis book on Fishing Lakes and a step x step podcast to going deep into stillwater fishing. Don’t miss this as Phil shares some secrets to chironomid fishing and UK Flies.

Is your next trip on stillwaters or on the stream?