A short introduction to the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing show is presented for episode 001.  Season 1 is all about steelhead fly fishing, fly tying and amazing stories from some of the biggest names in fly fishing today.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen and provide any feedback you have on what you are interested in.  Just leave a comment at the bottom!


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The Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Show Introduction

In this first episode of the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast I introduce you to the show format and let you hear a little about my story.

I keep in short and sweet in under 10 minutes giving you a taste of what we are going to discuss during the show.


My Short Story

My short story is that I grew about around a fly shop and have been a lifelong fly fisherman and fly tying teacher. I have found a passion for steelhead fishing and talking to experts about fly fishing and tying which is how this show started.

I will be covering steelhead fly fishing for the first season but will get into all things fly fishing as I get more feedback from you on where you would like the show to go next.


Other Topics

Other topics may include trout, stillwater, bass and salt water fly fishing.  I’m excited to hear from you and to connect you with all of the guests.


It has been so much fun interviewing and getting to know all of the amazing expert fly fishing pros that I have talked to so far. The stories are what it’s all about for me. The tips and topics that the guests share will help you catch more fish and enjoy your time outdoors even more.

I’m excited to get started and get this going.  I’ll be interviewing at least one guest each week and sharing that discussion with you.


New Episodes

Look for new episode every Tuesday morning.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or need further information as we move forward with the show.

I ended up launching the show a little early because, to be honest, I just couldn’t wait to share this with the world.


Click the button below if you would like the Quick Steelhead Tips PDF Guide that I’m working on as part of the guests show notes:





  1. Hey Dave, enjoyed the intro…I’m a weirdo and do fixed line fly stuff.
    Can’t subscribe with the my podcatcher.. I use pocketcasts, will follow via twitter, but would be nice to have it show up in the client.

    • Thanks for the feedback Tim! You may not be able to subscribe yet because I haven’t posted the feed in itunes yet. I am waiting for the itunes launch date of January 15th. I will likely post the intro video on Jan 8th so we could check then. You can also subscribe Here: https://wetflyswing.com/fly-fishing-podcast-launch/ by clicking the button. You will get an updated from my website when published. Looking foward to the big launch. Have you caught some steelhead on the fixed line stuff?

  2. Dave, good intro. I live on Puget Sound and do a lot of beach fly fishing. Are you going to touch in that in upcoming episodes?

    • Thanks for checking in Brian. That’s a great question and great topic. I didn’t have it on the list yet but it is now. Reply back if you have an expert in mind that could cover this topic. I’ll make sure to check around as well. Talk soon.