Christian Miles takes us into Virginia today as we talk about some of the great waters and flies that have come out of this historic part of the country.

We find out when you should be planning your next fishing trip and some of the special species that you may not have been thinking about that Virginia offers.

Christian tells us who his fly-tying hero is and he breaks down his Top 10 Must-have Fly Patterns!

We got another trivia question in this one! Check it out to find out!


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virginia fly fishing

Fly Fishing Virginia Show Notes with Christian Miles

08:45 – Christian used to work in a fly shop, Big Lick Fly Fishing. Roanoke Virginia used to be Big Lick Virginia

11:20 – James Edward Burrows directed the TV show back in the day, Cheers – he also directed the popular show, Friends

16:00 – For summertime, the lakes are great for bass fishing – Smith Mountain Lake (for largemouth) and Clayton Lake (for smallmouth). Christian uses one of those Caddis inner tubes.

fly fishing virginia

20:20 – Christian recently started fishing in Lake Moomaw – he learned about this lake from Blane Chocklett. You can find some chain pickel fish in this lake and a lot of different species.


24:45 – Mossy Creek is a popular fly fishing area in Virginia – there’s a fly shop in Harrisonburg near that creek called, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Fishing in Mossy Creek is all bank fishing, you can’t wade in there.

26:30 – Tom Sadler from Mossy Creek Fly Fishing was on the podcast at WFS 098

28:15 – The wintertime is their main trout season

virginia fly fishing

29:30 – New River is right next to Radford – it flows north, runs through Radford, through Harrisburg, and all the way to West Virginia. New River is one of the oldest rivers in the world as well as the James River.

32:30 – They have Fly Fishing and Wine Festival in Virginia

32:45 – The South Fork of the Holston is where the biggest brown trout was caught in Virginia

34:30 – Harry Murray was on the podcast in episode 290 where we talked about fishing in the Shenandoah National Park

36:00 – Christian tells us about Tommy Matiolli who’s a really good fly tyer. Christian’s favorite fly fisherman is Chuck Craft – he was Chris’s fly fishing hero

38:15 – Chuck Kraft sells these cork bugs that work great for smallmouth

virginia fly fishing
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40:20 – We talk about fishing the Chesapeake Bay

41:15 – For saltwater, a lot of people fish stripers in VA. We had an episode about stripers with Hogan Brown at WFS 284

44:00 – We talk about the Jackson River which is a really good brown trout fishery

45:30 – The Smith River is really good during the winter. Christian loves this one.

48:30 – Christian has been wanting to fish the Roanoke bass which has disappeared in the past 10-20 years

50:00 – Christian focus on carp fishing during the spring and summer

virginia fly fishing

51:30 – Christian lives in Roanoke town and his home water is the Roanoke River

1:01:20 – Trivia question: What is the only native trout species to the state of Virginia?

1:02:40 – Fly Fisher’s Guide to Virginia was written by David Hart. This book has all the rivers and different places to fish for in VA.

1:03:30 – Christian mentions his top 10 Must-have Fly Patterns – scroll down to see the list

1:14:20 – We talk about Project Healing Water

1:19:45 – Christian recommends the Get Bent IPA beer, Three Knotch’d, Deschutes, Sculpin IPA. Three Floyds, Old Salem Brewing, Big Lick Brewing

get bent beer

1:22:30 – Christian gives a shoutout to Mossy Creek Fly Fishing crew and Project Healing Water


Virginia Fly Fishing Top 10 Must-have Fly Patterns

  1. Crawdad
  2. Kreelex
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Stimulator
  5. Royal Wulf
  6. CK Baitfish
  7. Sulfur Perdigon
  8. Excalibur
  9. Wooly Bugger
  10. The Game Changer


You can find Christian on Instagram @milesflyfishing


Resources Noted in the Show

Flyfisher’s Guide to Virginia: Including West Virginia’s Best Fly Fishing Waters

virginia fly fishing


Videos Noted in the Show


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