Alex Tennant from Aeropress is here to share the secrets of how to make great coffee outdoors.  And his secret is the Aeropress Go, which makes a great quick cup of coffee anywhere outdoors.

We hear a little on the story of Alan Adler, who created the Aerorpress and other great products in many niches.   It’s time for coffee talk so let’s jump into this right now.


How to Make Great Coffee with Alex Tennant – Click Below to Listen:

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Show Notes on How to make great coffee

03:55 – Alan Adler is the brains behind the Aeorpress Go and a number of other products in various niches.

15:50 – Spin master purchased the Aerobie Disc which Alan created.

17:00 – Alan designed sail boat that won race from San Francisco to Hawaii

17:45 – The Arobie frisbie ring

aerobie disc


20:55 – Anglers Coffee is a sponsor of this podcast and Joe, the founder recommended the Aeropress.


40:40 – The Fly Shop in Redding California is one of the best resources near Alex’s neck of the wood.

41:30 – The Golden Gate Casting Club

43:30 – Wet Fly Swing on Instagram

wet fly swing instagram


You can find Alex at

how to make great coffee



Resources Noted in the Show

Wired Article on Alan Adler

alan adler
photo via:


alex tennant

Aeropress Conclusion with Alex Tennant

Alex Tennant is here to share the story of the Aeropress and how it will help you create a great cup of coffee.  Alex describes Alan Adler, the genius founder who also created the infamous Aerobie disc Frisbee and a winning sail boat.

The Aeropress Go produces a cup of coffee that’s like mixing a poor over with an espresso and allows you to tweak the style to meet your needs.