Have you ever experienced the frustration of a dry fly being swirled up by a fish but not taken? Or struggled to keep your dry fly afloat on the water?

Today is your lucky day because Evan Bottcher, owner of the Hungry Trout, will guide us in fly fishing the Ausable with Dry Flies.

Evan will give us three important tips for catching more fish, especially in pocket water. He will also show us how to choose the right fly size, figure out the best distance from the bank to cast, and learn the skill of skittering to attract fish.

Show Notes with Evan Bottcher on Fly Fishing the Ausable. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Fly Fishing the Ausable

Episode Chapters with Evan Bottcher on Fly Fishing the Ausable

02:00—Evan Bottcher’s family purchased the Hungry Trout in 1981. Initially a motel with a small restaurant, it became a renowned fly-fishing destination.

8:15 – Evan learned from the seasoned anglers at Hungry Trout, like Rachel Finn and Jeff Kirschman.

Fly Fishing the Ausable
Photo via https://www.instagram.com/hungrytroutresort/

11:00 – Evan talks about how Hungry Trout got started. They added RF McDougall’s Pub and a fly shop, making it a popular spot for Adirondack anglers.

Fly Fishing the Ausable
Photo via https://www.instagram.com/hungrytroutresort/

The Unique Charms of the Ausable River

14:50 – The Ausable River is special because of its steep landscape, beautiful waterfalls, and small pockets of water where fish hide.

21:00 – Stoneflies are crucial for fishing in the Ausable River, especially from May to June. He also mentions how the types of insects hatching change throughout the year.

31:00 – We discuss Rachel’s exceptional personality and ability to see life beyond conventional destinations.

The movie “After You’ve Gone” by Fly Lords portrays Rachel’s journey of coping with personal challenges like cancer and her husband’s passing.


The Hungry Trout Lodge 

Evan’s family sold the lodge and restaurant in 2022, but they maintained the fly shop and fishing business operation.

The lodge has a 21-room motel, a restaurant called the Hungry Trout Restaurant, and RF McDougall’s Pub. It offers a bundled experience with places to stay, food to eat, and access to the river for fishing.

Fly Fishing the Ausable
Photo via https://www.facebook.com/TheHungryTroutResort

Tips for Fishing the Sable River

51:50 – Evan emphasizes the importance of sizing up flies when fishing the Ausable River in May and June. A size 16 fly at home might equate to a size 14 or 12 on their river.

He recommends using dry droppers and fishing closer to the riverbank. Start with a short cast of about 10 feet of fly line, which can cover a significant portion of the river’s width.

54:00 – Evan suggests using flies like the Ausable Wulff or Ausable Bomber.

Fly Fishing the Ausable

Euro Nymphing on the Ausable River

1:04:00 – Evan discusses the rise of Euro nymphing in their area, thanks to clinics by Loren Williams. While dry fly fishing remains a classic choice, Euro nymphing has become more widespread among anglers.


Follow them on Instagram: @hungrytroutflyshop  @hungrytroutresort

Visit their website: The Hungry Trout Resort  The Hungry Trout Fly Shop.

Fly Fishing the Au Sable


Fly Fishing the Ausable Videos Noted in the Show

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Fly Fishing the Ausable

Conclusion with Evan Bottcher on Fly Fishing the Ausable

Evan Bottcher shares the evolution of the Hungry Trout into a renowned fly fishing destination along the Ausable River. Have you ever fished the Ausable River?