Rachel Finn put together one of my favorite episodes of the year.  I will be honest and tell you that this isn’t a tips and tricks episode.  Instead, you get to hear what the hang is all about, Yale, sports and plenty of chat about art and life.

Rachel surpasses the record for adult language in one episode.  Keep track and leave a comment below with the total number of 4 letter words!


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Show Notes with Rachel Finn

07:37 – Denny Rickards was on the podcast in episode 64 to cover stillwater fishing.  Denny was a pro level athlete similar to Rachel Finn.

12:16 – Rachel clarifies Lacross and the sticks and tools involved in Lacross.

29:50 – The Complete Angler by Izzak Walton had a big impact on Rachel.  Walton was also all about the hang.

32:00 – We talk about her family, the Hungry Trout and how she became the head guide and now has been doing it for 25 years.

40:00 – April Vokey’s blog post – So, You want to be a fishing guide: Part 1.

53:00 – Nick Lyons was around the old tackle shop that Rachel discussed in the old store in New York.

54:00 – Teton Tioga Reels were the first two companies that helped to get Rachel out on the show circuit.

59:30 – We find out which is her favorite cigar.  It’s the Punch Rothschild Double Maduro.

61:00 –  The old Who or the Old Rolling Stones were big for Rachel.  Here is one of my favorite Songs by the stones.  And here is some more Grateful Dead.


1:03:48 – The Girdle Bug and the Ausable Bomber are two of her goto flies.

1:11:00 – The American Museum of Fly Fishing is an important place to support.  And if I get Yvon Chouinard on the podcast, you’ll know that I will be obtaining a big goal for the show.


You can connect with Rachel on Instagram @rfinn.


Resources noted in the Show

The Ausable Bomber


Music Noted in the Show

The Who


The Rolling Stones


The Grateful Dead – Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad



rachel finn
photo via: https://backinthegame.hss.edu/story/rachel-finn/


Conclusion with Rachel Finn

Dude, was that amazing or what?  I know I’ve said it before, but this was my favorite episode ever.  We barely talked about fishing tips yet this was the bomb.  We argue about Grease the Musical, Sporting events and Our favorite bands.

Leave a comment below for your favorite band or your favorite beverage after fishing.

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