Ethan Igleheart is here to give us a little teaser for the upcoming Stonefly Net giveaway! Get a chance to win your Stonefly custom net today! I hope you win this one! But if you don’t, no worries. I got you! We have a lot more giveaways this year so stay tuned for updates.

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Click below and listen to the Podcast about Stonefly Nets Giveaway with Ethan Igelheart:

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stonefly nets giveawaystonefly nets giveaway

Stonefly Nets Giveaway Show Notes with Ethan Igelheart

00:58 – Ethan describes what the giveaway net would look like – it will be engraved with Wet Fly Swing and Stonefly Nets text

02:38 – The burls that will be used for these nets are sort of a limited edition – Ethan don’t have much of these types

03:40 – Tips on how to take care of your net so that it lasts a lifetime

  • Don’t throw it in the water and let it float away
  • Dry it off when you’re done using it
  • Hang it up or lean it against the wall
  • Don’t leave it in your car in the middle of the summer

04:03 – Stonefly Nets offers a $40 refresher package – send it back to Ethan, he makes it look new again and send it back to you

04:53 – We’re doing a full length episode with Ethan soon where we’re going to cover the whole build out process


Click here to enter the Giveaway!


You can find Stonefly on Instagram @stoneflynets

Visit their website at StoneFlyNets.Com 

stonefly nets giveaway



Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


stonefly nets giveaway

Stonefly Nets Giveaway with Ethan Igelheart

Head over to to join the giveaway!