Jason Cajune shares the story of how he created one of the most unique drift boats in the world.  If you haven’t seen Cajune Boats you have to listen today.  We find out how Jason grew up in Glacier National Park working on boats with his family.

We find out what stick and glue is all about and why mixing wood with epoxy makes one of the most durable boats out there.  Follow below for some killer whitewater dorie video from Jason and others.


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Show Notes with Jason Cajune

04:30 – The Glacier Boat Company and the Carville planked style boats are a big part of Jason’s history.   The sinopah boat is 100 years old and is what Jason grew up on.

06:30 – Roger was on the podcast in episode 177 and talked about the history of drift boats.

12:15 – Sam Devlin was the boat builder who helped Jason move into the idea of building a drift boat via stick and glue method.

14:45 – Clackacraft, lavro and hyde along with Willis were the big boats when Jason first got started.  Ray Heater was also doing his thing with Ray’s River Dories back in the day.

17:20 – Nathaniel Herreshoff and Francis Herreshoff had great sailboats from the east coast.  This is where Cajune gets some of their style.

28:30 – I noted Wetlander and whether you need it to protect the boat.  Jason noted line x sprayed on their boats. 


32:15 – Adipose boats (episode 187) and Boulder Boatworks (episode 182) were on the podcast and talked about the skiff.  The south fork skiff was around back when Jason started. 

32:15 – The freestone skiff was the first about 15 years ago.

34:20 – The Two Medicine is the 18 foot grand canyon dorie.

cajune boats
photo via: https://www.stio.com/blogs/news/locals-we-love-jason-cajune


41:00 – The OARS video with the drip boat flipping, then getting upright in 3 minutes.


41:10 – Jeff Aronson has some grand canyon videos with a focus on whitewater dorie.


You can find Jason at CajuneBoats.com

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Resources Noted in the Show

The Pavati Door and features video


Sawyer Oars and their Square Top Oars

Take a look at the Sawyer Square Top Oars via the podcast with Sawyer and how to choose drift boat oars.

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

The Sinopah and Glacier Boats


Jason’s Run Through Lava Falls


Podcast Transcript

You can get the entire transcript of this podcast here:  Cajune Boats Podcast Transcript_otter.ai

(Please note that the transcript above was transcribed by a computer via Otter.ai so it’s only 95% accurate)


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Conclusion with Jason Cajune

The Founder of Cajune Boats, Jason Cajune shares what goes into a stick and glue wooden drift boat.  We find out that it’s more than just the stick or glue that makes this boat unique.

Jason has a history in the boat business and describes the 18 foot decked over Dories that he made for the Grand Canyon.  Plenty of great stories and background on where Jason fits into the history of drift boats.