Join us in this fascinating episode as David Coggins, a celebrated author and seasoned angler, shares his global fishing adventures and the stories behind his latest book. Discover the allure of chasing elusive fish in exotic locations and how David merges his keen sense of style with the practical aspects of angling. Whether you’re curious about the nuances of fishing in Norwegian rivers or the challenges of catching permit in Belize, David’s experiences offer invaluable insights and inspire anglers to dream big and fish with style.

Show Notes with David Coggins on Global Fishing Adventures. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Episode Chapters with David Coggins on Global Fishing Adventures

1:32 – David discusses his recent activities and his new book, “The Believer: A Year in the Fly Fishing Life.” This book was inspired during the COVID-19 lockdowns as he aimed to maximize his fishing activities before potentially settling down with his girlfriend. However, many of his planned trips were canceled due to the pandemic. Despite these setbacks, he managed to continue fishing and incorporated these experiences into his book.

global fishing
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5:44 – He shares his passion for fly fishing and the personal joys it brings, particularly when introducing friends to the sport. He also talks about the challenging aspects of fishing, like learning new skills and overcoming difficulties, which make the experience rewarding.

11:41 – He highlights the joy of teaching and sharing experiences, particularly in locations like the Catskills. Coggins reflects on the variety of fishing styles among enthusiasts, from those strictly using dry flies to others who are more versatile.

19:26 – Coggins traveled to several dream destinations including Patagonia, Cuba, Belize, and Norway, where he pursued challenging fishing adventures.

global fishing adventures
In Corcovado, Chubut, Argentina (Photo via:

23:13 -He talks about his fishing experiences in Belize, particularly the challenges of permit fishing, where he felt the intensity and unpredictability of trying to catch this elusive species.

global fishing adventures
“Out on the water in Belize.” (Photo via:

29:57 – He shares his experiences fishing for steelhead. He mentions the challenges of blown-out rivers and the need to adapt plans, including an instance where they used a helicopter to access the Copper River.

31:22 – David expresses concern over the noticeable environmental changes observed by guides and the impacts on fish behavior, such as the timing shifts in the migration patterns of Stripe bass due to warmer waters. He highlights the work of conservation organizations like the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and the Atlantic Salmon Federation, stressing the necessity for those who love and utilize aquatic environments to contribute actively to conservation efforts.

33:57 – We dig into how he approaches writing for his audience, balancing the needs of both seasoned anglers and newcomers. He emphasizes his role not as a technical expert, but as someone who conveys the emotional and sensory experiences of fly fishing in different locales.

40:44 – He shares some insights from his experience with Tom Rosenbauer and discusses his approach to writing and journaling about fishing. David emphasizes the simplicity and authenticity necessary for capturing the essence of fishing experiences in writing.

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46:51 – I ask about his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI), particularly its implications for creative industries like writing. He acknowledges the fascinating and somewhat frightening aspects of AI technology, such as its potential to imitate human writing styles.

49:23 – We delve into his passion for traditional styles and tailored clothing, relating it to his interests in fishing and outdoor activities. He highlights his preference for durable, classic materials over overly technical, new fabrics, suggesting that style and practicality can coexist without constantly chasing the latest trends.

David also mentions his involvement in writing about men’s fashion, providing guidance on dressing through various platforms, including his newsletter and contributions to Esquire.

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54:41 – He recounts a humorous and humbling incident in Patagonia, where he had to concede a better casting position to a friend due to being less skilled for the specific situation, highlighting the polite interactions with guides who play crucial roles in such experiences.

58:51 – David shares his early fly fishing experiences and the lessons he learned from older, seasoned fishermen. He stresses the importance of fishing with experienced anglers, like the two older men he knew in Wisconsin, who, despite their crusty exteriors, generously shared their knowledge and patience on the water.

In terms of gear, David mentions his appreciation for small-scale, quality craftsmanship, exemplified by a Colorado man who makes durable fly fishing bags under Emerger Fly Fishing.

Cameron Side Bag – Olive (Photo via:

1:02:52 – He discusses his experiences with Orvis, especially their Helios rods and Mirage reels, noting a preference for gear that may not be mainstream but performs well.

You can find David on Instagram @davidrcoggins.

Check out his books at

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global fishing

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Conclusion with David Coggins on Global Fishing Adventures

Wrapping up our chat with David Coggins, it’s been nothing short of inspiring to hear about his globetrotting adventures and how he stylishly blends fashion with the rugged world of fly fishing. From the scenic stretches of Norwegian rivers to the vibrant waters of Belize, David’s stories capture the meaning of the fishing lifestyle with elegance and adventure.

If you’ve enjoyed these tales and are keen for more, don’t forget to check out his latest book, “The Believer,” where he dives even deeper into the captivating world of fly fishing. It’s a must-read for anyone who loves the thrill of the cast and the stories that come with each catch.