Is it better to purchase a drift boat or a raft for fly fishing? Do you know which of these two options is the better? All-around purchase if you can only get one? And what about rebuilding an old boat? Is this a realistic option to save money and maybe get into your first boat? Today you’re going to hear the drift boat versus raft debate and you’ll find out how my guest today restored a boat that barely held water.

Show Notes with Adam Hudson. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Adam Hudson is back on the show to take us into his unlikely boat build-out story and how he took on this project and, and what happened, how he finished it up and where he is heading. Next, Adam And I debate the benefits of the drift boat versus the raft. We find out which raft he recently purchased that has a hard floor, and we also get his top streamer patterns from Blue Line. Plus, we’re gonna hear what it was like to finally row this boat down the Green River. And whether it passed the test, the Battle of the Boats is finally here.

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Resources Noted in the Show

Battle of the Boats: Rafts vs. Drift Boats (Which is Better?)

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