glo bug
Glo Bug with McFlyFoam Yarn


There are many different types of egg patterns out there but none as simple and effective as a Glo Bug.  I demonstrate how to quickly tie one using McFlyFoam Yarn.

Materials for the Glo Bug

    • Body: McflyFoam Yarn – Golden with a dot of light cream or McRoe
    • Thread:  size D rod wrapping thread
    • Hook:  Gamakatsu Octupus Size 4

Click Here is you’re having trouble viewing the video.

I’ve used this pattern nymphing for steelhead on the coastal rivers and it works.  The material is nice because it can be tied as small as you need since it forms nicely.

You can add a little flash if you need to to give it a little zing.


Watch the video in this tying session that demonstrates how to tie the Glo Bug.  If you need the materials, click on the blue links above.  Remember, Glo Bug Yarn works pretty similar to the McFlyFoam yarn.  If you have any questions, click here and I’ll try to help you through.