Will Bradley, Co-founder of Turtlebox Audio shares his story of struggling to find a solid outdoor speaker.  Will created a product that scratched his itch and brought in his other 3 buddies as co-founders.

We find out how they put together the parts of the speaker to be fully waterproof, salt proof and ready for the water.  You just hose off your speaker like you would a saltwater reel.


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Show Notes with Will Bradley

05:00 – Jon Mckenzie, one of the other Turtlebox founders was on the podcast in episode 215 here. 

11:30 – I noted Bill Parks and the founder of NRS.  Jim Mccallister shares an amazing story about Bill giving the 100 million dollar company to his employees in episode 218 here.

13:00 – Will noted the Visioning week and the great business book Good to Great by Jim Collins

17:20 – The Yeti horns for your cooler.  I am going to have to get these when they are in stock!

yeti cooler horns


23:35 – The Echo rod break video with Tim breaking a 10 weight.


24:10 – 100 MPH fast ball on Instagram

35:50 – the video on the Devil’s River

38:05 – Sabine skiffs are local and build an aluminum skiff

39:45 – I noted the drift boat season

41:40 – Turtlebox Audio spotify play list



You can find Will at Turtlebox Audio her

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Resources Noted in the Show

Good to Great by Jim Collins

good to great



Turtlebox Audio Videos Noted in the Show

Yeti Presents


Jamestown Revival Music

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Conclusion with Will Bradley

Will Bradley from Turtlebox Audio is here to talk about some of the companies who inspire him like Yeti, Pak Mule and other great companies in the outdoor space.  We find out how they provide amazing service and prioritize it for the founders.

The only marine grade speaker on the market, with a focus on fly fisherman and outdoorsmen and women.  We get a feel for Will’s introduction to Redfish and what he has planned for the future.