Brent Baker from Oregon AT is here to share some truck camping tips and gear you need to stay safe out there.  We talk about overlanding and why the rooftop tents have been gaining popularity in recent years.

We cover the top items he always has in his truck when going off on a new journey.  We also dig into a little on the new electric trucks coming on the market like the Rivian and the Ford F150 lightning electric.

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Show Notes with Brent Baker from Oregon AT

11:26 – The Garmin in reach mini allows for two way text messaging

19:00 – SunFlare cigs solar panel are great for the top of the camper.

27:18 – The new Ford F150 Lightning electric truck

28:00 – Rivian electric truck

rivian truck
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29:30 – AT Overland is the company that makes Brent’s Oregon AT camper tops.

31:00 – The Summit and the Atlas are two of Oregon AT’s big camper tops.

34:20 – Here’s the AT summit topper


43:15 – Iron Man 4×4 wing drawers along with the decked system

50:40 – The Skottle is a cast iron single burner cooking dish.  This is the only cooking tool Brent uses.

55:55  Tread lightly is a non profit in the US that is helping people decrease impacts on the environment.

1:01:00 – The Expedition Portal has a great forum and overland journal are great resources


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iron man
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Air Champ Smart Deflator


Brent’s 9 Truck Camping Accessories for the Outdoors

  1. Garmin in reach min
  2. Sunflare solar
  3. Lithium jump pack (NorCo Brand)
  4. tow strap
  5. kinetic rope
  6. compressor
  7. shovel/axe
  8. full tool set
  9. The Skottle for cooking



Resources Noted in the Show

SunFlare Solar Panels

sunflare solar


Videos Noted in the Show

Ford F150 Lightning electric truck


Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


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Truck Camping Conclusion with Brent Baker

Brent Baker is here to share his must have truck camping gear items that he does not leave home without.  We dig into some killer camping items you’ll love like a new all in one cooking tool and a lot more.