I had Charles Jardine, quite possibly the biggest fly fisher in the UK and has been called the Lefty Kreh of the UK.  We find out the difference between nymph fishing the uk streams vs fishing US streams. 

Charles has traveled the world and fished extensively in the US.  We make the connection with Davy Wotton and some of the great mentors he has had including by the man who created the pheasant tail nymph.


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Show Notes with Charles Jardine

04:30- Gary Borger was on the podcast in episode 45 and talked about the history of nymph fishing. 

06:50 – The Flymph was noted and was created by Dave Hughes.

07:30 – Frank Sawyer gave Charles his first proper lesson.  Frank is the creator of the Pheasant tail nymph.


09:30 – Davy Wotton was on the podcast twice, first in episode 35 here and later in episode 174 here to go deeper into wet fly fishing.

20:00 – Paul McCartney was on the Smartless Podcast

33:30 – The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout: The Fly-Fisher’s Book of Quarry, Tackle, & Techniques Hardcover


39:15 – Dynamic Nymphing is one of the greatest books for nymphing.


46:00 – Tactical Fly Fishing by Devin Olsen – Devin was on the podcast in episode 43.

48:00 – The Fishing Cas is Charles’ podcast that focusing on unique topics in fly fishing.

49:35 – Kelly Galloup was on the podcast in episode 167 here.

nymph fishing

56:20 – Fishing Breaks is Simons company

1:22:30 – Charles fly box


You can find Charles at CharlesJardine.co.uk

nymph fishing



Nymph Fishing Resources Noted in the Show

The Classic Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout

nymph fishing


Tactical Fly Fishing


Nymph Fishing Videos Noted in the Show

The Flymph with Dave Hughes




charles jardine

Nymph Fishing Conclusion with Charles Jardine

Charles Jardine, one of the most well know fly anglers out of the UK is here to share his story and some tips and tricks on nymph fishing.  He describes why he like flash and why he doesn’t, why pink is natural in the stream is natural, and why the UK doesn’t use purple.