Ethan Igleheart, founder and master craftsman at Stonefly Nets, walks us into and behind the scenes of creating a custom fly fishing net. We find out how the custom build-out bonus came to be, which burl he selected and how to make it beautiful, and the step-by-step process from wood cut out to package ship out. Ethan talks about his collaboration with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths to come up with the Catch and Release package which is a pretty sweet combo. Ethan also tells us about that bamboo rod that was passed on to him from his great grandmother, the rod he first learned to fish with and still uses today.

Today, we announce the lucky winner of the Stonefly Nets giveaway. Plus, a quick shoutout to one of our listeners at the end of the podcast, so stay tuned!


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fly fishing net

Fly Fishing Net Show Notes with Ethan Igleheart

03:00 – Ethan was on the podcast for the first time at WFS 198

03:20 – Stonefly Nets collaborates with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths

fly fishing net

03:30 – Stonefly Nets was recently at a trade show in Charleston, South Carolina – hosted by Southeastern Wildlife Expo

fly fishing net

05:50 – Matt Barber and Joel Doub from Tom Morgan Rodsmiths were on the podcast at WFS 161

12:40 – Ethan talks about bending the hoop which is the most time consuming


16:30 – Ethan breaks down the steps on building the net from scratch

  1. Cutting out the block for the handle
  2. Put into the oven and dry it if it’s a burl (if it’s not a burl, you can skip that part) – this part takes about 24 hours
  3. Then it goes into the acrylic solution where all the air is removed out of the wood – this part takes about 12 to 24 hours
  4. Once all the air is out, Ethan releases the pressure and it sucks up all the acrylic solution – then it stays there for a set period of time, comes out, then again goes into the oven
  5. Plain it flat and then sand it to thickness
  6. Put the template on it, mark it out, cut it on the bandsaw – then it goes to the spindle sander and start hand-shaping it to smooth out all the edges and make it ready to get glued up

fly fishing netfly fishing net

fly fishing net fly fishing net fly fishing net

17:32 – Ethan explains what a burl wood is – click here to read a detailed article about burl wood

25:00 – The holes on the wood are filled with crushed stones

fly fishing net

26:50 – Ethan tells us about that bamboo rod that was passed on to him from his great grandmother – he learned to fish using that rod and he still uses it today

31:00 – Ward Tonsfeldt was on the podcast at WFS 276 where we talked about classic, vintage, and antique fly rods

34:18 – We announce the winner of the Stonefly Nets Giveaway – congratulations Julie Kelner!

36:00 – Ethan credits Matt Barber for the calligraphy. Ethan also found a woman calligrapher in Little Rock

fly fishing net fly fishing net

38:45 – Ethan uses brass for the eyelets to attach the net

40:44 – For the net, Ethan uses PVC plastic

48:30 – Martin Joergensen from Global Fly Fisher was on the podcast at WFS 099 – he’s got a blog about DIY fly fishing net

51:00 – Cameron Mortenson from Fiberglass Manifesto was on the podcast at WFS 088 – he did a “how to build a landing net” content

54:30 – Quick shoutout to Ronald Burnett – he really enjoyed the recent episode with Landon Mayer at WFS 295. Thanks for checking in Ronald!


You can find Stonefly Nets on Instagram @stoneflynets

Website at

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


Fly Fishing Net Conclusion with Ethan Igleheart

In this episode, we learned the step-by-step process of building a custom wood landing net. Ethan’s goal is to produce quality wood landing nets that can be passed on to your children and your grandchildren.

We announced the winner of the Stonefly Nets giveaway – congratulations, Julie Kelner! If you’re reading this, I hope you land more fish with that net and spread the word about your Stonefly Net experience. I appreciate your support for the podcast and I hope to maybe see you on the water someday. A big virtual high five to you!

Thank you Ethan for putting this together. We are very grateful to have you as a sponsor. Looking forward to fish with you soon.