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custom fly rods

Custom Fly Rods Show Notes with Kerry Burkheimer

10:19 – Lamiglas rods came from Grizzly Washington

12:34 – Kerry met Russ Peak, an amazing rod maker

custom fly rods

18:37 – The Burky feel for rods

24:45 – The pre-load concept explained

31:56 – George Cook was on the podcast at WFS 179

33:03 – Kerry met Mike Maxwell from Golden West

34:33 – Kerry decides to build a two-handed fly rod


custom fly rods

39:00 – The 7 or the 8 weight are the most popular Burkheimer rods

53:10 – Tom Morgan was on the podcast at WFS 161

56:56 – is where you can find a Burkheimer rod dealer near you

59:07 – Kerry used to be a musician

1:00:51 – Kerry shares what he thinks about Lefty Kreh

custom fly rods

1:03:33 – Kerry was on the Anchored Podcast with April Vokey



You can find Kerry on Instagram at @cfburkheimer


custom fly rods


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below


custom fly rods

Custom Fly Rods Conclusion with Kerry Burkheimer

We heard about the story of CF Burkheimer fly rods – how Kerry built his company focused around custom fly rods. Kerry took us back to some of the huge mentors he had along the way that helped him develop his first rods.

Kerry explained the “pre-load concept” – how he makes the whole rod work and the so-called “Burky feel” for fly rods!