Founder of Flylords, Jared Zissu, is here to shed some light on how he created one of the biggest online fly fishing magazines with a massive Instagram following and online influence.

We dig into the differences between Flylords and some of the print magazines that are leading right now.  We find out about the influence of Jared’s parents and how he manages the editing and process for a great online magazine.


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Show Notes with Jared Zissu From Flylords

06:15 – The Lords of the Fly movie was the inspiration for Jared to go with Fly Lords.

07:30 – Tom Bie from the Drake was on the magazine here.

09:50 – Jared talks about the impact of getting denied to the Fly Fish Journal.  I had Steve Duda, the editor on the podcast in episode 38 here.

12:00 – I noted the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast and the Kris Reid episode.

14:00 – Dry Fly Fishing – Tips and Techniques is a good example of one of there ranking articles.

19:20 – 7 things you never knew about a river runs through it.

22:10 – I noted the John Shewey episode and Zach at Swing the Fly Magazine.

28:20 – We talked about Moldy Chum, Mid Current, Gink and Gasoline and Angling Trade are all big online websites.

30:10 – You can find Fly Lords on Instagram here.

30:50 – We talked about Tik tok.  You can find us there as well now.


33:00 – Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook is Gary V’s goto book for business.

36:50 – The Monte Burke interview through Fly Lords.

37:50 – The Mosquitoes and mayflies video as noted recently.

38:20 – Rolf Nylinder has a great piece on Fly Lords.

39:10 – Cloris Kylie was on the Outdoors Online Podcast here.

42:00 – Here’s the Go Pro post that Jared talks about.

43:50 – The Casey Neistat ad for Nike.

48:00 – We noted the stealth craft boat that was in the go pro video.

51:40 – We talked about the Dun Magazine and the changes coming up due to covid and other changes in the industry.


You can find Jared at Flylords Mag here.

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Resources Noted in the Show

7 Things you Never Knew about A River Runs Through It


Videos Noted in the Fly Lords Podcast

Watch the full Lord of the Flies movie


Mosquitoes and May Flies


The Go Pro video


The Casey Neistat Nike video



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Conclusion with Jared Zissu

Jared Zissu, the founder of Flylords is on the podcast to talk about how he built one of the biggest online fly fishing magazines.  We find out why they are on Tik Tok, their target audience and how they connected with Go Pro.