Today, we’re diving into modern euro nymphing with Gilbert Rowley, the mastermind behind the Modern Nymphing Series.

Join us as Gilbert shares the three biggest things he learned while producing some of the best Euro Nymphing videos that are out there right now. We cover finding fish, fighting fish casting tips, and how to detect strikes.

Plus, you’ll find out which rig is the best to use if you’re getting wind that’s making things a bit tough on the water.

Show Notes with Gilbert Rowley on Modern Euro Nymphing. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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modern euro nymphing

Episode Chapters with Gilbert Rowley on Modern Euro Nymphing

1:54 – Gilbert discusses his early experiences with fly fishing and the transition into video production. Gilbert’s travels take him across the Western US and occasionally abroad to capture the beauty and excitement of fishing in remote destinations.

4:16 – Gilbert talked about his deep dive into fly fishing in college, where he met Devin Olsen. Gilbert delved into Euro nymphing techniques and later collaborated with Devin and Lance Egan to create the Modern Nymphing film series. This journey culminated in the development of an online course, the Modern Nymphing Masterclass.

Journey from Guiding to Filmmaking

8:58 – Gilbert recounts his transition from a fishing guide to a filmmaker in the fly fishing industry. He shares insights into self-education, the importance of investing in one’s passion, and the role of continuous learning in achieving success.

11:48 – Gilbert’s journey from the electronics industry to becoming a prominent figure in fly fishing video production was unexpected. Initially, he envisioned a path centered around guiding and building an online business, but as he pursued his passion for filmmaking, opportunities began to unfold.

Modern Euro Nymphing

18:00 – Gilbert has two films featured in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival: one showcasing bonefishing in South Caicos and another capturing the beauty of targeting sea-run brown trout in Iceland. Check out the trailers here.

22:25 – Their Euro Nymphing video series covers essential topics ranging from gear and rigs to casting strategies. The series starts with foundational concepts and progresses to more advanced techniques like fishing streamers and dry droppers on Euro rigs.

Additionally, the Adaptive Fly Fishing installment explores water types and various fishing approaches beyond Euro nymphing, showcasing the versatility and expertise of the Devin and Lance.

 Finding Fish, Fighting Fish, and Casting Tips

28:00 – Gilbert emphasizes the importance of considering seasonal changes and water temperature when searching for fish.

Additionally, Euro nymphing offers advantages in targeting unconventional water types like riffles and pocket water, often overlooked by anglers using traditional techniques.

Modern Euro Nymphing

30:25 – Gilbert recounts a learning experience while steelhead fishing, highlighting the importance of proper fish-fighting techniques. He emphasizes the significance of keeping the rod tip low and upstream to effectively tire out the fish and let the river assist in landing it.

35:00 – Gilbert suggests starting with a modular leader for easier casting when using Euro setups. He advises maintaining tension with the flies and practicing the oval cast to improve casting ability and accuracy.

Modern Euro Nymphing

42:00 – Gilbert emphasizes the advantage of strike detection in Euro nymphing.

Drift Management Techniques

45:10 – Gilbert covers the nuances of managing drifts while Euro nymphing, including the use of fixed leader lengths and adjusting casting techniques in response to wind and water conditions. Gilbert emphasizes the importance of maintaining a natural drift for successful fly fishing.

Overcoming Wind Challenges in Modern Euro Nymphing 

49:37 – Addressing the common problem of wind in fly fishing, Gilbert suggests techniques for adapting to windy conditions, such as using heavier flies or switching to a streamer setup on a Euro rig to maintain control and effectiveness.

The Buffet Series

55:22 – Gilbert shares details about the Buffet Series on YouTube. There are already three seasons of it on YouTube, and they’re working on a fourth one.


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Modern Euro Nymphing Videos Noted in the Show

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Modern Euro Nymphing

Conclusion with Gilbert Rowley on Modern Euro Nymphing

In this episode, we dove deep into the world of modern Euro nymphing with Gilbert Rowley, gaining invaluable insights to elevate our fly fishing game. With his expertise and practical tips, you’re now equipped to embark on your own Euro nymphing adventures with confidence and success. Happy fishing!