Lance Egan is on the podcast today to cover Euro Nymping, fly tying and his experience with Team USA.  We talk about the advantages of using jig hooks and slotted beads and why you should avoid lower cost tungsten beads.

We get into the top tips for tying euro nymphs, the best hook for euro nymphs, Lance’s confidence flies, and why Lance doesn’t like the loop to loop connection.  This one won’t disappoint so let’s get into some euro nymphing content.


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Show Notes with Lance Egan

01:40 – Curtis Fry was on the podcast in episode 40 and talked about Fly Fish Food.

03:35 – Fish Tech Outfitters was another company Lance worked for before joining Cabelas and Fly Fish Food.

05:15 – Ryan Barnes and Devin Olson were team members on the USA National Team.  Here’s a video for Ryan Barnes’ favorite Euro Nymph.

15:55 – Jack Dennis was part of the early Team USA period when they started getting more competitive.

18:00 – Jeff Currier was on the podcast in episode 65 and also worked for Jack Dennis and Team USA.

34:15 – Umpqua carries some of Lance’s flies although he’s not getting rich off of them.

37:40 – The Hanack 400 jig hook is a goto for Lance as well as hanack slotted beads.

44:20 – The Pat’s Rubberleg stone variation by Lance.  Here’s a video of this variation of the Pat’s Rubberleg.

45:45 –  The Frenchie, the thread frenchie, the red dart, the rainbow warrior plus cornfed caddis and bionic ant.

58:50 – Fly Tying with Uncle Cheech is a great resource on Facebook for fly tying.

59:45 – Here are two of the best resources for euro nymphing from Lance.  The Modern Nymphing DVD and the Modern Nymphing Elevated DVD are two of the best videos for euro nymphing.

1:01:40 – Here’s a link to the euro nymphing class that is at Fly Fish Food on youtube.


1:10:20 – Tactical Fly Fishing by Devin and George Daniels’ book Dynamic Nymphing are other great resources for nymphing.


You can find Lance on Instagram at Lance Egan Fly Fishing.


Resources Noted in the Show

Hanack 400 jig hook

hanak jig hooks


Modern Nymphing DVD

modern nymphing


Modern Nymphing Elevated

modern nymphing elevated


Videos Noted in the Show

Here’s a video of this variation of the Pat’s Rubberleg.


Euro Nymphing Class


“Thats Lance Egan Right There” 

lance egan
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Conclusion with Lance Egan

Lance Egan breaks out the resources today for euro nymphing and fly tying.  We talk about a bunch of resources that will help you with your euro nymphing game.  We hear about the amazing pattern that puts the elk hair in the backseat and lots of other patterns that Lance has developed through his competition fly fishing years.