Embark with us on an enthralling voyage that casts a line into the heart of fly fishing with Capt. Drew Price, where we connect you to the waters and fish that have shaped his life since a fly rod first graced his hands as a graduation gift. This episode unveils the personal milestones, from his initial forays with fly tying through winter’s grip to that pulse-racing moment when a smallmouth bass from the Saranac River first tested his reel. Drew’s tale wades through the diverse aquatic playground of Lake Champlain, where the pursuit of species from bass to pike has evolved alongside his journey from novice to seasoned angler. Our narrative isn’t just about the catch—it’s about embracing the sport’s progression and the joy of seeking out the unexpected.

Show Notes with Capt. Drew Price – Bowfin Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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The spotlight shines on the enigmatic bowfin, a prehistoric marvel now recognized as a unique species, Amia Ocellicauda. The bowfin’s evolutionary tale and biological prowess, including its air-breathing antics, are not just discussed—they’re celebrated as we exchange tips for those eager to pit their flies against this formidable opponent. Through anecdotes and advice, such as his favorite “Mr. Bow Regard” fly, the episode casts a line into the depths of technique and tackles the contentious issue of bowfin fishing and its impact on these native survivors.

bowfin fly fishing

Finally, we anchor our discussion in the broader ecosystem of Lake Champlain, where he guides since 2008. From IGFA records to the intricacies of fishing amidst changing weather patterns, he shares the nuances of navigating these waters. We also consider the lamprey’s role in the lake’s food chain and how targeting a diversity of species can enrich the angling experience. Each cast in this episode reveals another layer of the complex and captivating world of fly fishing—a world that continually invites us to explore, learn, and most importantly, respect its inhabitants and their habitat.

Episode Chapters – Bowfin Fly Fishing

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing Journey Through Vermont
Personal connection to fly fishing, learning in snow, fly tying, catching various species, and evolution of the sport.

(0:06:15) – Fly Fishing Lake Champlain Overview
Nature’s diversity and conservation efforts in Lake Champlain, including fly fishing for 25-30 species and successful lake trout reproduction.

(0:18:12) – Unique Bowfin Species in Lake Champlain
Nature’s resilient bowfin fish, with ancient lineage and unique adaptations, are now classified as Amia ocellicauda in Lake Champlain.

bowfin fly fishing

(0:24:00) – Bowfin Fly Fishing Techniques and Tips
Nature’s clever bowfin: sight fishing, gear preferences, and intriguing behaviors like investigating disturbances and circling boats.

bowfin fly fishing

(0:32:32) – Aggressive Bowfin Fishing in Northeast
Nature’s aggressive and intelligent Bofen fish, their unique features, best fishing times and locations, and fly lures for an exhilarating angling experience.

bowfin fly fishing


(0:43:35) – Concerns About Bowfin Fishing Popularity
Nature’s controversial bow fishing practice’s impact on native fish populations, misconceptions about its necessity, and call for reconsideration.

(0:49:00) – Predatory Behavior of Bowfin
Nature’s art of spotting and catching bowfin fish, their unique features and role as predators, and their unconventional feeding habits.

bowfin fly fishing

(0:57:07) – Fly Fishing in Lake Champlain
Nature’s increasing popularity of fly fishing on Lake Champlain, accessibility, diversity of fish, unique species, weather’s impact, primitive nature of bofin.

(1:05:19) – Fishing Tips and Species Diversity
Nature’s impact on sport fish, lamprey behaviors, wild trout populations, and the benefits of fishing locally.

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bowfin fly fishing

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bowfin fly fishing