Abbie Schuster from Kismet Outfitters is here today to talk about the amazing island fishing life at Martha’s Vineyard with a focus on stripers, bluefish, albacore, and bonitos. We find out how easy it is to DIY this trip, what to prepare for, and the best time to go so that you can target all four species. We break down some tips on flats fishing, plus the recommended gear, flies, and everything nice to increase your takes and make the most out of your fishing time on the island.

Abbie also talks about what it was like for a young blonde woman trying to build a career as a fly fishing guide when there weren’t many women guides around yet. This is a fun one. Check it out!

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martha's vineyard fishing

Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Show Notes with Abbie Schuster

03:45 – Abbie went to Sweet Water Guide School. We did an episode on Sweet Water at WFS 105.

06:00 – Kismet Outfitters started in 2016 as a guide service and in 2020, she opened the fly shop in Martha’s Vineyard.

11:30 – Crab patterns are the most successful for stripers.

11:50 – By end of April to May, stripers and bluefish are moving in because of the squid migration to the flats. By the end of July, the bonitos start to move in and stick around till the end of October. Then by Fall, the false albacore (albies) starts to come in. All four species can be seen during the Fall season.

martha's vineyard fishing

15:00 – You can book a flight straight to Martha’s Vineyard (the island’s got an airport now) or you can also fly to Boston and then take a 1-and-a-half-hour bus ride to the ferry. The ferry ride is about 45 minutes from Woods Hole to the island.

17:40 – Abbie talks about fishing for albies which is the trickiest to catch among the 4 species. Get your fly on the water and strip as fast as you can to get their attention.

martha's vineyard fishing


27:40 – For albies, an intermediate line is recommended (cold saltwater line), 16-20 pound fluorocarbon (around 10 feet) for the leader, and 9-10 wt for rods.

30:10 – Bonito Bunny works great for albies, also gummy minnows, and tiny deceivers.

30:50 – Bluefish are huge and mean. They’ll bite through your line and net. Big flies like mackerel patterns, big deceivers, and big clausers with a lot of movement work great with them.

martha's vineyard fishing

34:15 – Bonitos hang out with the albies and stripers. They’re super strong too.

martha's vineyard fishing

40:30 – Abbie says albies are not good for eating. Bonitos taste amazing. Stripers are ok. Bluefish are great when smoked.

43:10 – They have a Derby Fishing Contest at Martha’s Vineyard where participants win by catching the biggest fish per species. The winner takes home a boat.

52:10 – An average albie is about 7-pound, 24-inches.

martha's vineyard fishing

1:02:00 – Abbie gives a shoutout to Harrison Anglers – a guide service in Northfield, MA.

1:02:30 – Advice: Practice casting in the wind because saltwater fishing in MV is pretty tricky.

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martha's vineyard fishing

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