I sat down with Al Quattrocchi to dig into California striped bass fly fishing and the story of how Al Q made his way across the country.  We hear about Lefty Kreh, Enrico Puglisi, and other big mentors for Al over the years.

We find out how the Stripers came to California and why they are thriving in the bay area.  We find out the step x step to getting started to catching your first striped bass.  We also touch on the corbina and why Al is so fired up about catching these finding southern California fish.


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california striped bass

Show Notes with Al Quattrocchi

11:50 – Dec Jan and Feb are good times to find Stripers in Southern California including San Diego

13:30 – Dan Blanton has a message board here where you can find good resources for Northern  California Striper information as well as Dan’s Website.   John Sherman is another leader in that area as well.  

20:10 – The overhang is clarified here in relation to the shooting head and the running line.

21:20 – Al calls his casting system the tango

23:30 – The surf line by Scientific Anglers and Rio with the outbound short.  T8 to T14 heads also work.

sonar surf line



26:15 – Clouser Minnow is great along witha 7 foot 20 lb test is good.

33:50 –  The Corbina Diaries is a great resource to get started with these amazing fish.  

37:40 – Jack Dennis was on the podcast in episode 217 here and Jeff Courier was on in episode 65 here. 

45:50 – The carp throw down was a huge success.  Al notes the hopper patterns for carp. 

carp throwdown


49:00 – Tail Magazine is the leading saltwater magazine.  Al is taking the lead for the west coast.

50:46 – Kirk Deter on Makos, Nick Blixt, Dave with Beer, Fishing and food on croaker,

52:10 – The surfing merkin fly for corbina

58:20 – The Lefty Kreh episode was also our 200th celebration.

1:03:10 – Tornado Creative



You can find Al at AlQuattrocchi.com



Top 11 Tips on Catching a California Striped Bass

  1. The Delta is good
  2. Sinking lines 300 to 350 grain or intermediate lines
  3. Monterey Area is a great place 
  4. Go up and meet guys fishing at the beach
  5. See Santa Cruz Surf Club
  6. Cover a lot of water
  7. Learn how to cast in the surf with Belgian style
  8. Use the Tango casting method
  9. Use a Lefty Kreh Loop not to help it sink and give more action
  10. A deeper stripping basket is a must-have
  11. The new moon and incoming tide if good.


Resources Noted in the Show

The Corbina Diaries Book


Fleye Design with Bob Popovics

fleye design



Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

The surfing Merkin fly for corbina


Los Lobos



california striped bass

California Striped Bass Conclusion with Al Quattrocchi

Al Q breaks down California Striped Bass Fly Fishing with a focus on fishing off of the beach.  The surf fishing community is a super dedicated and great group of anglers who will help you get started. 

Al shares the exact gear and steps you need to get in your next striper on the fly on the west coasts.  We cover tides, cover, and other key factors to be thinking about.