Tim O’Neill from Norvise is here to share his story of taking over Norvise and what he is doing now in the fly tying space.  We start from the beginning and discover how the Norvise is still making a dent in the rotary fly tying space.

Tim talks about how he is scaling the company and some of the big plans he has after taking over the company.  We walk through the steps of tying a nymph with the Norvise and how you actually tie a cleaner fly with equal pressure throughout.


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Rotary Fly Tying Vise


Show Notes with Tim O’Neill

11:00 – Regal and Renzetti are two of the other big players in the fly tying space.

20:45 – Tim noted the Frenchie.

24:30 – Senyo’s Lazer Dub

25:37 – The solarez is a key tool for Tim

26:40 – Dubbing brush table

30:30 – Senyo in episode 176 here, Galloup on the second episode 167 here, and Cammissa were all on the podcast


31:50 – Tim’s live facebook live feed


32:45 – Braiden Biller is the fly tyer Tim noted who is bringing his A game.

41:30 – Joe Rotter from Reds Fly shop was in episode 186 here and talked about being a great fly fisherman

47:30 – Every Sunday at 7pm Norvise goes live on Facebook.

48:45 – Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniels

55:15 – Norvise March Madness


You can Tim at Nor-Vise.com 




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Rotary Fly Tying Vise Resources Noted in the Show

Modern Midges

modern midges



Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Tim Cammisa reviews the Norvise


Braiden Miller Fly Tying


tim o'neil
photo via: https://ontheflysouth.com/tim-oneill/


Rotary Fly Tying Vise Conclusion with Tim O’Neill

Tim O’Neil shares the story of how he took over the Norvise company from Norm back in the day and now is still going strong.   We find out how Norm Norlander passed away and how Tim was able to pick up the company and go all-in on it.