Spey casting tips and fly fishing intention is covered in episode 004 of the Fly Fishing Podcast this week.   I had the pleasure of talking to Brian Chou who is a spey casting expert, spey line technician and all around cool guy.

Brian has influenced some of the largest fly rod and fly line companies in the industry and nerds out on why he loves it all.  Brian provides a bunch of great tips, gets us thinking about fishing with intention and talks about the Soul River Runs Deep.


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Show Notes with Brian Chou

17:23 – The Rip City Fly Pattern is one of Brian’s classic patterns with the Red and Black that supports the Blazers.

20:49 – Pete Humphries describes the spey cast here on Anchored here

27:54 – Mel Krieger

28:39 – Interview with Jack Mitchel from The Evening Hatch

31:15 – Brian has done some work with the Steelheaders Journal in the past including reviewing rods and lines,

33:50 – Rods under $500 – EchoBeulahRedington

36:14 – Jack Charlton and Charlton Reels

37:25 – Harry Huff

49:54 – Dan Gapon – Watch Dan tie the Muddler here


58:38 – Soul River Runs Deep


I wanted to say thanks again to Brian for taking the time to chat with me and providing all of the great content.

And if you’re interested in the right spey rod for steelhead, Click here to see the Echo Spey Rod that has helped me improve my spey cast and find more steelhead at a super reasonable cost.  By the way, this link above is an affiliate link, which means I earn a commission if you do end up purchasing through that link.  It’s at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to this product, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.



  1. Really enjoy your site, been fly fishing for decades and still learning. Thank you for the great resource to learn a bit more. Launched a site to bring outdoors people together and coordinate adventures, AdventuresDomain.com, working on creating site where those of similar outdoor interests can connect. If you have the interest check it out, use it to coordinate outings and find new fishermen.

    • Sounds like a great idea Tom! I’ll take a look and see how it could be beneficial to some of the people listening to the show. I think making the connections is what it’s all about so applaud you for taking on such a cool project. Check back anytime if you need any help.

  2. Hey Dave, this is awesome. I featured this podcast in a blog post I made with Brian doing a single spey. I wasn’t able to imbed the podcast on my blog post fyi, which I would like to do eventually, but I just linked it and then posted it on Speypages so they could get to the interview via my site so hopefully, you will be getting a few hits. I’ve always wanted to see more of Brians casting so I was excited to see you were interviewing him and podcasting it. I thinks its super cool. Great Idea. I used your photo, hope you don’t mind.

    • Thanks for checking in Tim. All sounds great. I appreciate the share and you taking a little time to say hi. Let’s keep in touch for sure as the show moves forward. I’ll have a new episode every Tuesday. Jim Teeny is up this week and he shares some great old stories. I’ll take a look at the post and your site and keep in touch!

    • All looks good Tim. Thanks for the links and the share. I will be doing a series of interviews focused on some of the big steelhead rivers. Let me know if you have a river in mind that you would love to learn more about.