Jenny Weis provides us an update on Pebble Mine project and what you can do this week to help protect almost 60 million salmon in one of the most important habitats in the region.

We find out why this small project could become a much larger project if it’s allowed to move forward.  This is a big year and the call to action for you is to reach out to your local and federal representatives to know you oppose this project.


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Alaska Pebble Mine Show Notes

11:24 – Here is the Environmental Impact Statement as released by the Army Corp of Engineers.

12:00 – If the project moves forward past the federal permitting then the State of Alaska will have the next chance to stop the mine.

20:30 – I note the Bristol Bay trip I’ve been looking to put together.  We are heading up to Kulik Lodge if we can find 6 people who want to join.

21:05 – Jenny notes the importance of video in their campaigns.  Here’s some underwater footage of salmon at Save Bristol Bay.

222:55 – United Tribes of Bristol Bay represent a number of tribes from the region that are affected by this proposed project.

24:00 – The Tribes, commercial fisherman and sport fisherman are all on board to support.

30:00 – We talk about the Hanford Nuclear Plant and what is currently being done.  This is the plant the produced the plutonium for the bombs in WWII.

31:10 – Earth Works produced a study that says 93% of these types of mines exceed there water quality standards.


33:30 – Brian Okeefe was on the podcast in episode 78 and talked about the Morish Mouse pattern.

34:25 – Here’s the quote about how Anchorage and how it’s not quite Alaska.

36:50 – Here’s theSave Bristol Bay Take Action Button.

37:20 – includes all of the documents and is pretty technical.

38:10 – FlyOutMedia have made a few fly fishing videos in Bristol Bay.

40:00 – Get your Save Bristol Bay stickers here.

42:10 – You can get your free year subscription to TU by joining the Wet Fly Swing Members Society here.


You can find Jenny Weis here.


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Alaska Pebble MIne Conclusion with Jenny Weis

We get an update on the Pebble Mine project and the affects to Bristol Bay and one of the most productive and unique resource in the world.  Jenny tells us what you can do today to help save Bristol Bay.