steelhead holding water

Todays Tip of the Day comes from Jack Mitchell who made a great point when he discussed a great way to find steelhead holding water by focusing your time on the Heads and Tails of runs in certain situations.

Click here and listen in around the 12 minutes mark when Jack describes this tip.

In certain situations when you have a long run in front of you it makes sense to focus on the transitional zones and in areas where the majority of fish will be.  This will also be your best shot at finding most of the fish.

Focus on what Jack calls the “heads and tails” of the run.  These transitional areas are especially important during changing water conditions which we see quite a bit with winter steelhead fishing.

So, instead of fishing a hugely long run that may take hours to fish, just focus on the head of the run and the tail-out of the run.

But, if it’s a short run, go ahead and fish the entire run.  Nothing hurt there.

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