I provide a quick introduction to the Fly Fishing Podcast Launch here.

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We can all use a little help in our fly fishing journey, there is no question about that.

What is your biggest struggle right now in fly fishing or fly tying?

Chances are that one of my guests will be able to solve that pain point and help you in your journey.

How about some amazing stories from fisherman who have been through it all?  Big Fish, lots of fish, every species you can imagine.

I share these stories and a lot of great tips to help out along the way.


Some of the Guest Interviews

Trey Combs will discuss his long and storied history in fly fishing and blow you away with where he has come from and gone in fly fishing.

Jay Nicholas has tied thousands of flies and is well know for his videos and his experience fly fishing for Salmon.

I learned about spey casting watching Simon Gawesworth’s videos. Think you can get a few tips listening to him discuss casting?

Have you ever heard Pete Humphries talk about spey casting or heard or read Dec Hogan’s stuff?   information on steelhead fishing?

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Season 1 – Steelhead

Season 1 will go deep into steelhead fishing with a sprinkling of other fly fishing and fly tying content.  Spey Casting, lines, reading water, fly color, tips and many other topics will be covered.

I’m excited to share some of these episodes with you as we move forward with the show.


Season 2 – (Your feedback will guide the show)

I’ve got some great guests lined up but want to hear back from you.  What fly fishing topic would you love to hear about?

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  1. Just finished listening to The Good Bad and the Ugly of Spey Lines. Lots of great info. I’ll have to listen to this one more than once. Love the show! Keep em coming! Kudos

    • Thanks Dan for letting me know! I was a little worried that it may have went off on the deep end and lost some people but happy there are enjoying it. Stay tuned next week as I have James from OPST and then April Vokey on to finish up the first steelhead season. Thanks for keeping in touch and leaving a comment on the blog!