What a treat we have in store for you in our latest episode! Drawing from the deep pool of Southern hospitality, we welcome Chad Johnson from CJ’s White River Outfitters, a team that has revolutionized fly fishing for big brown trout over the past decade. We hear first-hand about his thrilling journey to become a recognized figure in the fly fishing world, and the camaraderie that made it all possible.

Show Notes with Chad Johnson on White River Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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We follow the ripples of our conversation into the unique trout fishing culture of Chad’s region, where the exhilarating bite of the brown trout is truly something to behold. We unpack the mysteries behind their bite intensity post-spawn, seasonal size variations, and even the best streamers for snagging larger fish. Chad also lifts the lid on some of the most effective fly designs, like Kelly Gallup’s ‘Big Johnson’ and his own brainchildren.

white river fly fishing

As we cast our nets even wider, we discuss practical fishing strategies and the importance of observing the water flow. We share the importance of keeping a sharp eye out for potential record-breaking catches. Chad talks about the advantages of seeking the guidance of an experienced hand when you are new to the game. We round off by sharing the nuances of color and technique in streamer fishing, and how constructive feedback can drastically enhance your success rate. So, gear up for an episode brimming with insights and captivating tales for every fishing enthusiast out there!

Episode Chapters with Chad Johnson on White River Fly Fishing

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing’s Impact on White River
Chad’s Southern hospitality, CJ’s White River Outfitters team, and the rise of fly fishing for big brown trout are discussed.

(0:10:51) – Fishing for Big Brown Trout Variations
Brown trout spawn, caddis hatches, streamers for larger fish, and why big fish don’t go after solvers or midges in summer.

white river fly fishing

(0:18:40) – Streamer Fishing Tactics and Fly Design
Brown trout display different behaviors post-spawn, including aggression and feeding bites, which are important to recognize when fishing in the White River with varying fly sizes.

(0:28:37) – Fly Fishing
Chad’s ‘Sluggo’ and ‘Big Johnson’ designs, deer hair heads, ‘T-bone’ prey, and ‘kill shots’ discussed for streamer fly fishing.

white river fly fishing

(0:45:21) – Fishing Strategies and Water Flow Importance
Boating for trout requires raking the bank, casting at an angle, and paying attention to water flow, with a guide recommended for new anglers.

(1:00:18) – Color and Technique in Streamer Fishing
Yellow is effective for early season spawn, while white and ginger can be used to target rainbows and suckers; depth, movement, and hunter’s mentality are key for success.


white river fly fishing

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white river fly fishing

Conclusion with Chad Johnson on White River Fly Fishing

In summary, our latest episode featuring Chad Johnson from CJ’s White River Outfitters is a must-watch for fishing enthusiasts. We’ve explored Chad’s incredible journey in the world of fly fishing for big brown trout and uncovered the secrets of their bite intensity, size variations, and effective fly designs. Beyond the stories, we’ve gained practical insights into fishing strategies, the importance of water flow observation, and the value of seeking guidance from experienced anglers. We’ve also learned about the nuances of color and technique in streamer fishing and the impact of constructive feedback.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, this episode offers a wealth of information and inspiration for your next fishing adventure. So gear up and get ready for a captivating episode filled with insights and thrilling stories that every fishing enthusiast can appreciate!