Today, we chat with Chris Loh, the lucky winner of our Stonefly Custom Landing Net Build Out Giveaway. Chris walks us through the process of crafting his dream net with Ethan.

Show Notes with Chris Loh on Custom Landing Net Build Out. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Custom Landing Net

Episode Chapters with Chris Loh on Custom Landing Net Build Out

01:52 – Chris began fly fishing when his uncle hired his friend Mel Krieger to teach Chris and his twin brother how to cast on their 12th birthday.

3:00 – After college, Chris took a break from fishing to focus on being part of the workforce. It wasn’t until a few years ago, just before the pandemic began, that his friend rekindled his interest in fly fishing.

05:50 – We talked about Chris’s experience as the lucky winner of the Stonefly Nets giveaway event.


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07:20 – Chris shares the process of building a net with Ethan. He said selecting the right wood was the most challenging aspect.

11:51 – Chris has been practicing jiu-jitsu for almost 17 years now.

Custom Landing Net


22:36 – Chris listens to The Strenuous Life Podcast, Fight Life, and Joe Rogan. He also shared that one of the first episodes he listened to on the Wet Fly Swing podcast featured Steve Potter.

34:50 – Chris owns California’s oldest saloon, the Iron Door Saloon.

Custom Landing Net

You can find Chris on Instagram @chrissaloon

Check out the Iron Door Saloon here:


Custom Landing Net Build Out Videos Noted in the Show

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Custom Landing Net

Conclusion with Chris Loh on Custom Landing Net Build Out

Well, that wraps up our chat with Chris Loh. I mean, how cool is it that he learned fly casting from none other than Mel Krieger? Plus, building that dream landing net with Ethan. Can’t wait to see what he catches with it.