As we set off on our raft, the pristine waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River gurgled beneath us, marking the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. With Colin Hughes of Hughes River Expeditions and Nick Torres of Lamson Fly Fishing, our journey through an ecosystem teeming with West Slope Cutthroat was nothing short of a dream come true. Colin, an old hand at navigating this extraordinary river, paints us a vivid picture of the river’s descent of 3000 feet over 100 miles, enriching us with tales of his experiences – from casting lines for bull trout to savoring the purest water drawn right from the riverbed.

Show Notes – Middle Fork of Salmon River. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Securing a permit to float down this magnificent river poses a stiff challenge, but Hughes River Expeditions, a family-run business with a rich 50-year history, ensures smooth sailing. The company’s all-inclusive trips are a game changer – they’ve mastered the art of providing an immersive outdoor experience, complete with gourmet food, a well-stocked bar, and a chance to relax in soothing hot springs. We also chat about hunting opportunities and the wildlife you might rub shoulders with on your journey.

Middle Fork of Salmon River

Our expedition concludes with an exploration of the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho, home to the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers. Witness how the running season affects the rivers, and learn about the native fish species that dwell in these waters. But hold on, the adventure isn’t over yet! We’re giving away two spots on a Middle Fork Salmon River trip to a couple of lucky listeners. As we wrap up this exhilarating episode, we share our favorite melodies and podcasts for road trips, providing the perfect soundtrack to your own river adventure. So, gear up, tune in, and let the river lead the way.

Episode Chapters – Middle Fork of Salmon River

(0:00:05) – Fly Fishing Middle Fork Salmon River
The Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers a lifetime experience of fishing for West Slope Cutthroat, with difficulty obtaining a permit and big fish to catch.

Middle Fork of Salmon River

(0:13:20) – Fishing and Boating on Middle Fork
Exploring the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, we discuss oar-powered boats, fishing for bull trout, and the potential of catching 12-17-inch fish.

(0:26:46) – Unplugging and History of Hatch Expeditions
Hatch River Expeditions is a family-run business offering DIY trips for 50 years

Middle Fork of Salmon River
Photo by Hatch River Expeditions via Instagram

(0:35:28) – An All-Inclusive Outdoor Adventure
Hatch River Expeditions offers all-inclusive trips with mathematical systems, natural clocks, hot springs, cast and blast, and wildlife.

(0:43:32) – Whitewater Rivers and Wilderness Exploration
We explore Idaho’s rivers for fishing, investigate native steelhead and Chinook salmon, and discuss the unique experience of Hatch River Expeditions.

(0:48:11) – Launch Fly Shop Giveaway Shoutouts
Fly Shop Friday giveaway hosted by Hughes River Outfitters, Three Rivers Ranch, Idaho Angler, Boise Anglers, and Josh Ritter’s song “Idaho” discussed.


(0:51:05) – Podcasts, Music, and University of Idaho
We discussed the University of Idaho, Josh Ritter, “Tubs at the Club”, Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews, and Hughes River Outfitters giveaway.

Highlighted Links in the Show


Music/Podcast Noted in the Show

Tubs At The Club Podcast on Apple


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Conclusion with Colin and Nick on the Middle Fork of Salmon River

In conclusion, our expedition on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Hughes River Expeditions and Lamson Fly Fishing was a dream come true. We explored pristine waters teeming with West Slope Cutthroat and enjoyed the rich tales of our guide, Colin Hughes. Hughes River Expeditions, with its 50-year history and all-inclusive trips, made the adventure seamless.

We also ventured into the Frank Church Wilderness and learned about the river’s changing seasons and native fish species. Don’t forget to tune in for a chance to win two spots on a Middle Fork Salmon River trip. As we wrap up, we share some great road trip music and podcast recommendations for your next adventure. So, prepare for an unforgettable journey led by the river.