The Mad Scientist (Doug) of Fly Tyers Dungeon sat down to tell his story and the story of his company which produces unique fly tying materials in Montana.

Find out how to get some unique materials at a great discount in this one. We get into how he produces his material and how you can get custom made materials if you just reach out and ask.


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Show Notes with Fly Tyers Dungeon

02:20 – The famous book by Jack Dennis – The Western Trout Fly Tying Manual.

06:00 – Congo Hair is one of Doug’s best selling items.

07:40 – Meat Market Flies was on the podcast where we talked about selecting fly tying materials.

12:20 – The Members Society where Fly Tyers Dungeon is providing a 40% discount for a limited time for members of the group.

12:40 – Here is a link to the Fly Tyers Dungeon Youtube channel.  Doug likes to use his youtube channel to get you thinking about patterns and not to just copy an existing pattern.

14:30 – Hareline Dubbing was discussed briefly in relation to how Doug does business in the fly fishing space.

16:40 – Mike Mercer was on the show in episode 81 where he described opening up a fly shop in his parents house when he was a young kid.

26:25 – We discuss the UV-X Material and what makes it unique.  This is one of their highest selling products.

28:25 – Northern Lights is another popular item in the selection.

30:20 – The MS Bugger Dubbing is a good material to take the place of chenille and hackle.


35:10 – Cone Head Minnow, BK Leach and Uncle Willie Flies are all goto’s for Doug.

39:40 – The Redding Fly Shop produces low cost hooks.

40:10 – Yellowstone Fly Goods is a big partner with the dungeon.

42:00 – Doug Swisher is a big mentor for Doug.  Here’s an old Doug Swisher video of about an hour in length.

43:30 – Here is a link to the blender that Doug recommends.

44:30 – Doug has used a custom vice from Bernie Grifinn.  Here’s a link to some other Griffin vises.

47:10 – The Red Hot Chili Pipers were noted as one of Doug’s favorite brands.


You can find the mad scientist at


Videos Noted in the Show


Conclusion from Fly Tyers Dungeon

The Mad Scientist breaks down a great summary from his fly tying products including UV, Congo and northern lights.  He describes how you can create your own material through the fly tyers dungeon and his process of creating them.