Join us as we engage in an exciting conversation with our guest, Shelby Stanger, Host of the Podcast, Wild Ideas Worth Living and author of the book, Will to Wild. Shelby shares her unique journey from being an adventure columnist at 19 to creating a podcast that grabbed the attention of REI Co-op. Her passion for storytelling and engaging in in-depth interviews led to a partnership with REI Co-op, which purchased her podcast in 2020. Shelby’s love for podcasting isn’t just about telling stories; it’s about the conversations, the learning, and the opportunity to connect with people.

Show Notes with Shelby Stanger about Wild Ideas Worth Living. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Sponsors and Podcast Updates

We also take the opportunity to share some of our own experiences in the podcasting world. Listen as we recount our own journey from being an adventure journalist, to running marketing and PR events for women, consulting with international surfing brands, and then finally launching our own podcast. We talk about the lessons we’ve learned from others’ wild ideas, our own struggles with writing a book, and share our advice for those who are considering going all in on their own wild ideas.

wild ideas worth living

We take a look at the importance of self-love and care, sharing inspiring stories from the podcast, and exploring the world of stand-up paddleboarding. Our conversation goes on to explore the technicalities of podcasting, the significance of engaging listeners with sponsors, and the impact of outdoor outreach. We discuss the changing landscape of media, the power of storytelling, and even our experience with TEDx Talks. We hope you find inspiration, motivation, and perhaps even your own wild idea to pursue.

Episode Chapters with Shelby Stanger on Wild Ideas Worth Living

(0:00:05) – Podcasting and Partnership With REI
Shelby started a podcast, which was bought by REI Co-op in 2020, to continue her passion for interviewing people and telling stories.

(0:10:34) – Lessons From the Podcast
I share lessons on facing fear, dealing with imposter syndrome, and staying focused while pursuing a wild idea, as well as my journey to writing my book, Will to Wild.

wild ideas worth living

(0:22:59) – Stories of Adventure and Inspiration
Self-love, care, strong choices, wild ideas, stories from 91-year-old psychologist, 70-something with heart transplant, 80-something fisherman, and learning from those who have gone before.

(0:32:36) – Stand-Up Paddleboarding Adventures and Stories
From journalist to brand promoter, exploring courage, stand-up paddle boarding in Indonesia and Peru, and getting a paddleboard.

wild ideas worth living

(0:36:49) – Podcasting, Research, and Sponsorship Strategy
We discuss researching and preparing for conversations, podcasting skills, engaging listeners with sponsors, pitching sponsorships, and providing value.

wild ideas worth living


(0:49:36) – Outdoor Outreach and Podcasting Awards
We discuss podcasting, kids’ outdoor activities, and award-winning podcasts.

(0:54:43) – Telling the Truth and TEDx Talks
TEDx experience, storytelling, media landscape, humor, speaker coaching, and slides discussed.

wild ideas worth living
San Diego CA – June 11: Shelby Stanger,
REI Co-Op Studio’s Wild Ideas Worth living Podcast host and author gives a speech called
Will to Wild during the 13th annual TEDxSanDiego “Seeds of Change” event in La Jolla on Sunday, June 11, 2023. (K.C. Alfred / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

(0:59:19) – The Power of Adventure and Awe
Awe, nature, podcasting, storytelling, and media are discussed to explore how they can bring mindfulness and connection.

(1:07:33) – Exploring Outdoor Adventure and Podcast Growth
We discuss alcohol, outdoor brands, surfing, and podcast growth, emphasizing nature without substances.

(1:13:23) – Promoting Your Podcast With Apple Podcasts
Networking, Apple Podcasts, newsletters, and continuing the conversation are key to promoting a podcast.

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wild ideas worth living

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Conclusion with Shelby Stanger on Wild Ideas Worth Living

Our conversation with Shelby Stanger and our own podcasting journey has been a remarkable exploration of passion, storytelling, and the pursuit of wild ideas. Shelby’s inspiring path from adventure columnist to podcast host exemplifies the power of following one’s passions, while our own experiences underscore the diverse opportunities within the podcasting world. We’ve touched on themes of self-love, outdoor adventure, and the technical aspects of podcasting, emphasizing the importance of engaging listeners and sponsors.

Our discussion reminds us of the ever-changing media landscape and the enduring impact of storytelling. We hope that you, our listeners, have found inspiration and motivation in these conversations, and perhaps even discovered your own wild idea to pursue. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.