In this episode, we’re joined by Colby Trow, the founder of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Colby takes us on a journey from his early days with a cane pole to running a successful fly shop in Northern Virginia.

We’ll also explore the diverse fishing opportunities Mossy Creek offers, including their unique three-part casting clinic. Plus, stay tuned for a rundown of what the school we’re putting together with Colby is going to be like.

Show Notes with Colby Trow on Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Episode Chapters with Colby Trow on Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

01:40 – Colby’s earliest fishing memory was at Wintergreen Resort with his grandfather. They used a simple cane pole, a red and white bobber, a couple of split shots, and a hook.

02:40 – When Colby was about 8 or 9 years old, he received his first fly rod as a gift, while his twin brother, Brian, got a mountain bike. At first, Brian teased Colby about it, but that all changed when he witnessed Colby successfully catching a fish. After that, even Brian got interested in fishing.

03:36 – Colby worked at a fly shop during his college years. Later on, both Colby and Brian relocated to Northern Virginia to explore a potential business venture. While researching this opportunity, they stumbled upon the chance to purchase a local fly shop in town.

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

06:00 – Tom Sadler is a member of the Mossy Creek team, and we were fortunate to have him as a guest on episode 98.

11:39 – We delved into the details of putting the school together, and he described what the experience would be like.

17:34 – The Rapidan River is well-known in the region. The Jackson Tailwater is one of two tailwater fisheries and is renowned as a fantastic wild trout fishery. Mossy Creek is a blue-ribbon spring creek offering nearly 4 miles of publicly accessible water.


Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

21:35 – Colby shares insights about the significant hatches that occur in their area.

25:00 – Colby mentioned that being in a college town with James Madison University nearby, they have plenty of hotel options available.

36:00 – We get a rundown of the fish species and their sizes that you can catch in the area.

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

44:50 – Colby tells us about their very regimented three-part casting clinic.

You can find Colby on Instagram: @mossycreekflyfishing

Visit their website at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing


Mossy Creek Fly Fishing 

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Conclusion with Colby Trow on Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

Thanks for joining us on this captivating episode with Colby Trow of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Don’t miss out on the exciting upcoming school with Colby, where we’ll get an in-depth look at the invaluable knowledge and skills he has to offer.