Jason Miller, the Free style Tyer on Instagram is here to break down tying spey and dee flies and his love for steelhead.  We find out how to connect to some of the great companies that can help you elevate your tying game.

Jason walks us through tying his freestyle spey and dee flies and the materials and dying styles that he uses in classic salmon flies and full dressed atlantic salmon flies.  We walk through a number of amazing free style spey flies tied by Jason.


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Spey Fly Show Notes with Jason Miller

05:00 – The almost 2 hour video with Jason on the Dee fly

08:45 – Dec and Marty’s book:  Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design

09:40 – Shewey’s classic book:  Classic Steelhead Flies

14:24 – Bob Vaverka’s book:  Spey Flies and How to Tie them

spey fly

14:45 – Feathers, Flies and Phantoms website


15:40- Dave McNeese was on the podcast in episode 155 and is working on a Sid Glass book

18:50 – Joseph Rosano was one in episode 136 and talked about the NW A. Salmon fly guild.

19:40 – Lagarten is a great fly tying material company.

23:10 – Mar 5th instagram post fly:  Top is Caren fly true spey and the other is true spey pattern.

spey fly


25:40 – Dave McNeese Blue Heron Spey Hooks via Royal Treatment Fly Shop

31:50 – The open loop knot or open clinch knot video here.

41:40 – The Purple King was the last steelhead fly

42:50 – Feb 16 on the Freestyle Tyer Instagram page using Lagartun.

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47:40 – Michael Radencich – Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques covers dying feathers in Chapter 6.

1:01:38 – March 30 insta fly based on a Childers fly

spey fly

1:01:40 – Jock Scott was a huge influencer in the spey tying and fishing space.

1:21:00 – Spey Tyer Facebook group


You can find Jason on Instagram at FreeStyle 42

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12 Spey Fly Tying Tips and Tricks

  1. Use Silk for bodies
  2. Dee Fly Wings are horizontal for more movement
  3. Marrying the wings is not difficult
  4. Use Soft Loop for tying married wings
  5. Make every wrap count to reduce bulk
  6. Burnish the under body
  7. 16 ought veevus thread
  8. Follow Dave Mcneese on Dying tips
  9. Tying the Traditional Salmon Fly for Dying
  10. Look at the old school flies and become proficient at these first
  11. skunk substitute for polar bear
  12. Use Busterd Feather fibers to help marrying wings


Spey Fly Resources Noted in the Show

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques 

spey fly

Lagarton fly tying materials



Feathers, Flies and Phantoms

spey fly


Spey Fly Videos Noted in the Show

2 hour long Dee Fly


The Open Clinch Knot


Marrying wings with Davie McPhail


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Jason Miller

Spey Fly and Dee Flies Conclusion with Jason Miller

Jason Miller, the Freestyle Tyer 42 on Instagram shares some of his best tips for the spey fly and steelhead tips.  We walk through all of his flies on Instagram and talk about how you can up your game this year.