Greg Epstein, owner of Jackson Hole Fly Company, tells the story of how he acquired a 40-year-old fly shop in Jackson, Wyoming. We find out what they have going at the shop – how they produce around 1000 types of flies, outsource materials, and create basic fly fishing packages that are easy on the pocket but great in quality.

We hear some pretty crazy stories from Greg including one when he got caught in an avalanche while skiing. Greg also tells us about his involvement with Teton Gravity Research and his responsibilities being a County Commissioner at Teton.

Jackson Hole Fly Co is one of our podcast sponsors and you always hear me talk about the good stuff they do. Well today, we hear from the headman himself, so hit that play button to get a better feel of their products and service.


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jackson hole fly company

Show Notes with Greg Epstein and the Jackson Hole Fly Company

03:50 – In 2001, Greg moved up to Alaska – Girdwood, a little southeast of Anchorage

04:50 – Greg used to ski. Then he became a ski photographer.

05:30 – Greg’s wife also loves fly fishing

jackson hole fly company

06:20 – In 2014, Greg got caught in an avalanche while skiing and endured severe injuries. That’s when he went all-in with fly fishing because all he could do was sit on a boat and cast.

07:30 – In 2018, Jackson Cardinal company was for sale – a fly manufacturing, fly distribution company, started by the guy named Kirk Stone in 1978. Greg and his wife didn’t buy the business until 2019.


09:30 – Greg tells the story of how he survived that avalanche

jackson hole fly company

13:00 – Greg teaches his 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter how to ski and fish

14:30 – Greg was head of the production and one of the people who helped create and write the risk management program for all the athletes for Teton Gravity

17:00 – Immediately after they purchased the company, they created Jackson Hole Fly Company. In 6 to 8 months they got everything completed from the website to branding, all the marketing, etc.

jackson hole fly company

18:10 – Their customers are mostly novices and don’t want to do extreme outdoor sports but they want to go out, they want to camp, and disconnect from their day-to-day life

19:45 – One of their focuses is the basics package called, the Crystal Creek – it comes with a rod and reel for only $152.98 (first-time purchase price)

jackson hole fly company

21:00 – They also have another basic package called, the Flat Creek – click here to find out its inclusions

jackson hole fly company

22:00 – They have a great lifetime warranty with a fast turnaround time. They’ll fix it within 1 to 2 weeks.

22:50 – They have around a thousand patterns from fresh to saltwater in different sizes

25:45 – If you don’t see a pattern you like from their fly selection, you can email them at

28:10 – Kirk Stone, the previous owner grew the Jackson Cardinal fly company from the ground up. It reminds me of the story of the Umpqua Feather Merchants. We had Russ Miller on the podcast at WFS 303

29:20 – Greg gives a bit shoutout to his employees for doing an amazing job, loving what they do, and really passionate about fly fishing. They got 3 dogs in the shop as well – 1 black Labrador and 2 Corgis.

33:35 – They get their flies tied in Kenya. They ship the materials to Kenya. They source all of the materials out of the country.

35:30 – Greg explains the logistic issues they encounter when shipping the materials

39:00 – The Green River is about 45-50 mins away from their shop. That’s Greg’s favorite river to fish and camp.

40:10 – They use a 16-foot Hyde drift boat

41:20 – Greg’s favorite fly is a Peanut Envy streamer. He also likes a Duracell nymph

jackson hole fly company
Photo courtesy of Ugly Bug Fly Shop

jackson hole fly company

46:30 – Greg shares some photography tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to turn the camera horizontal or vertical to get a better photo
  2. If you’re using an SLR camera, have it accessible. The last thing you want is to have some fish struggling while you’re setting up your camera.

50:00 – JH Fly Co has a 50% off Spring sale. They always have a sale going so check in with them often.

50:45 – Greg is a County Commissioner at Teton and conservation is a big part of his responsibility

jackson hole fly company

56:15 – Alaska wild-caught salmon are healthier to eat


You can find Jackson Hole Fly Company on Instagram @jhflyco

Website at Jackson Hole Fly Company

jackson hole fly company


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jackson hole fly company

Conclusion with Greg Epstein and the Jackson Hole Fly Company

So there you go..

Now you know what JH Fly Co is all about. Greg, his wife, and their team are doing an amazing job getting more people engaged in fly fishing. And that’s always the goal.. is to get people on the water, release stress, connect with other folks and create great memories, but also.. have good gear without spending too much.

Thank you, Greg and the JH Fly Co team for partnering with us. We are truly grateful to have you as our sponsor. We’re excited to watch you grow and do more good things for the fly fishing community.

If any of you have more questions for Greg, you can send him a message at or send them a DM on Instagram @jhflyco.